Importance of Female Education in Pakistan

women's education rights
women’s education rights in the eye of Holy Quaid

According to article 37 of the Constitution of Pakistan, Having an education is a fundamental right of every citizen. girls are the backbone of any society and equally important as men but we are in the fight for women’s education rights. A successful country or society come into existing by their children, youngsters, people, and they learn their basics from a woman (Mother). An educated woman can help us to bring change. she can understand circumstances and know how to live her life and how to grow her kids as a great nation.

Women’s Education Rights

women's education rights
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Education is very much important for all because it is the best source to inculcate civilization amongst the human beings. There is an alarming difference between the numbers of girls attending primary and secondary school. In Pakistan, the gross enrolment rate for girls in secondary education is 19 per cent. Our people don’t send their children to schools and rather teaching them they favor their boys to learn how to earn and their girls to how to cook and to take control of the house. The trend of to educate a girl in Pakistan is low and when we discuss the Northern and tribal areas of the country, their female education rate is only 37% which is very low.

We must understand and acknowledge the necessity. To educate women is a fundamental right as Islam has given the right of acquiring education to everybody male or female. so if we don’t let her go to school it means that we are hindering the laws of the Religion which is not acceptable. we must promote the educational knowledge to both males and females equally.  A female should understand her freedom is not limited to go outside and earn for her kids as this responsibility is better suited to men.

Educate a Mother Educate A whole Family

women education rights
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A mother is worth a hundred school masters

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Mother is the most effective personality in the family for the kids, so it is especially essential to educate the mother and by educating one female we are educating a whole family. How she can teach her kids when she has not educated herself. she can give their children a bright future by educating and then they will be a part of people who help to build a strong nation.  Pakistan is a country where women’s education rights are very reserved and 52% of the total population comprises of the female as per the consensus. To keep our majority uneducated is a very alarming situation for us.


We need to bring change in local level through awareness and practical action. We also need to provide all good facilities in those areas. We all have to fight for women’s education rights if we want an educated society

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