There came a time in the past when all Lollywood had to offer to its fans was meaningless and bizarre movies that had no entertainment within it. These past time movies made Lollywood a laughing stock for others but now times have changed. New people came up with new, entertaining and good ideas that are strengthening Lollywood day by day. Lets here see some of the reasons why we must not say “No” to Pakistani movies:

1: They are entertaining:

Wel! honestly, the new Pakistani movies are truly entertaining. They have everything that you expect from a good and entertaining movie.


2: Depict Pakistani Culture:

Aren’t your bored of watching those Indian Bollywood masala movies with Indian culture? Don’t you need something new and innovative that matches your own Pakistani culture. Well! if that is what you desire then you must say bye to Bollywood movies and should start watching Lollywood ones. The language and humor of these movies totally matches with Pakistani culture.

3: Acceptable Content:

The Pakistani movies have clean, good content within them. So, you do not have to feel odd while you watch these with your family. There is nothing vulgar or anything acceptable which makes them all the more entertaining.


4: Promote Our Culture:

Pakistani movies are always based on the Pakistani Culture that helps to promote the Pakistani culture and ideals. This is not enough, if we watch only Pakistani Movies and pay no heed to Bollywood ones than the Indian culture would totally leave our sacred country and people would get back to those ideals that are totally Pakistani.
5: Beautiful People:

Ah! what a beautiful people Pakistani actors and actresses are. Their looks and ways are so beautiful and mesmerizing  that a person feels so good by just looking at them.

6: Good Storyline:

Aren’t you annoyed of watching those lame Indian love stories with a poor guy and a rich boy falling for each other and making up for each other in the end? Don’t you want to watch a movie with some different and new story? Don’t you want a movie with a story that talks beyond this idea? Well! If yes, then you must watch Lollywood movies for the reason that they are based on some real time issues. Even if the movies are romantic, all of them have some good message within them. Hence, we would suggest you to spend your money and time on Lollywood movies that offer you nothing but goodness in return.

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