Every other person who knows Pakistan knows that why Pakistani people are called Pakis. There are a few reasons why Pakistanis are known as Pakis. We can divide these reasons into two main categories. Let us see here those reasons.

Positive Reasons:

Well! we are well aware of the fact that the word “Pakistan” is an amalgamation of two words “Pak” meaning pure and “stan” meaning a place to live. Hence the word Pakistan means a place where pure and clean people live. The people of Pakistan call each other Paki as a compliment that means a pure or clean person. Each person who is the national of this sacred land loves to be called as a Paki. Paki is just not a word rather it has much to do with the ideals and feelings of the people of Pakistan. Listening to this word they are struck with the thoughts of the sanctity of their state. They start thinking how this state protects them and how they got this country by giving in loads of sacrifices. This word is the manifestation of the culture of this country.

Negative Reasons:

Paki is usually taken as an offensive term by the Pakistanis living in England. This term was initially used by English people to belittle the Asians residing in England. This was due to their racist ideals towards the Asians and their color. Using this term as an abuse they made sure that Indians, Bangalis and Pakistanis felt too bad for their being Asians. This is not just for Pakistanis but for the Indians, Bangladeshi and all the Asians as well. This very act was specially done by those people who hated this nation a lot.In the beginning it was the name for Pakistanis and they didn’t hate it then. In the later stages Pakistanis started hating this word as they associated the hatred of Britishers with this word. Slowly and steadily Pakistanis started taking it as an abuse. This term is mostly hated by those Pakistanis that live in Britain.

Few Other Reasons:

Following are few of the reasons why Pakistanis are called Pakis by peoples around the world.

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An easy term:

It is an easy word for people. People find it difficult to pronounce the whole term “Pakistani”. Hence, they use this short term to call them. You do not find truth in this statement, right? Well! you can try this yourself as well. Just pronounce both words at this time and see which one is easier for you to say.

An Abbreviation:

Well! Paki used as an abbreviation of Pakistan.

Roots Out From Pakistan:

All peoples around the world are called by the names of their countries. Some have shortened terms and some have longer. In the same manner people of Pakistan are called Pakistanis and Pakis.

Proud of be Pakistani:

Here we must say one thing that this term is the identity of Pakistanis. If you are a Pakistani and you are called by this term then you must feel proud of it rather than feeling bad or being bullied. Your country gives you everything. Everything you have is due to your country and you must be proud of it. So, next time if one tries to bully you saying “Paki” then just give him a big smile and say ” Proud of be Paki“.

Why Pakistani People are Called Pakis
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