It has become a major communication application with whatsApp new features. Easy to use, little greedy data, it also allows video and sound … If we can regret the level of encryption often considered insufficient, for simple use in everyday life, that’s all we need. But are you really using the full potential of the app? Discover it with our tips!  

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Put an end to the dictatorship of blue coaches 

You have sent a short message for several hours and your contact has read it but still has not responded. This is one of the great “evils” of modern society like the “seen” of Facebook . Avoid this pain to your loved ones by removing this option from your settings. It will only take a few seconds but will avoid heated discussions afterwards. 


Hide your profile picture

Do you want to become the new Daft Punk or are we crazy Batman? So you do not necessarily want your picture spread everywhere! The same logic may apply if some recruiters are able to add you to WhatsApp. You do not want them to see you partying. 


So, it’s simple, so do not show it or only to your loved ones. And if you add a new contact, it will still be time to change the setting again. After, you still have the simplest solution to put a cat. It still works until Whatsapp allows to give different levels of authorization as on Facebook. 


Download whatsapp status video or picture 

There is no option in the app to save others pictures in our phone. But by using whats app setting you can download whatsapp status video or picture. 

  1. openyouAccount 
  2. Go to the status option and see the status that you want to download
  3. Now open file manager (use ESfile folder)
  4. Go to setting and show hidden files
  5. go to folder: whatsapp> Media > statuses 
  6. Here you can find you contact’s status
  7. copy or move it and save in another folder


Stop group chat spam

We are all in one or more group chats . Whether it’s family, friends or a group you do not know half. We all know the Godwin point. The longer a discussion lasts, the more likely it is that someone will make a reference to Hitler and Nazi Germany. In the same way, the possibility that a serial-spammer sending dozens of messages per minute increases proportionally to the number of users. 


Do not panic. We have the solution for you. To avoid waking up with 100 unread messages or worse to see your phone vibrate every 30 seconds, just make the conversation silent! Select it and choose whether you want to be quiet for 8 hours, a week or a year. Of course, you also have the option to leave the conversation … 


Add shortcuts for some conversations

Conversely, some conversations are particularly important for you. You want to be able to see all the history and access it easily t

o send a message. However, if you have to open the application and select the conversation each time , you will waste time and it could quickly get bored. 


The solution is simple. Create a shortcut that will appear on your computer screen as a new specific icon. To do it is simple. Select a conversation and choose the option, add a shortcut. It will automatically appear on your desktop . To delete it, select the icon and send it to the trash like any other application. 


Make a backup of your conversations

It’s a basic function but it could save you. Many of us pass this option quickly, more annoyed than anything else by the regular reminders of WhatsApp. If the service offers to save all of your conversations but that is not what interests you, why not select? Email the content of the exchanges with the important people for you. 


Of course, it will be necessary to do it regularly so that it is interesting. But this is after all a reflex to take. If you’re on Android, you can also do an automatic backup on your Drive . 


Report important messages

If you are a fan of Gmail, you already know the possibility of putting a small star on the important mails that you want to find easily. Did you know that the same function is available on WhatsApp? 


This is not about making an important conversation but just a message. For that, it’s simple. Select it and click on the little star. Then, on the profile of your contact, you will have access to it directly. Perfect for keeping the time or address of an appointment without the need to search later. 


Add the dates to your calendar

This is an option that is reserved for users of Apple products. To use it is simple. If a date is present in the conversation, you will automatically have a

link to add it to your calendar. If you write “tomorrow”, “today” or a day of the week , these words will also be recognized. Then all you have to do is add the details of the event. 

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Disable the message preview

You do not want anyone reading your messages? If you leave your phone on a table then if you receive something, a preview will appear. At a minimum the name of the person and the beginning of the message will be displayed on your screen a few moments . To end it, it’s simple. In the settings, select notification and then disable the option. 


Find out who you talk to most

If you have dozens of ongoing discussions, you may find it hard to identify who you are talking to most. So of course, this information is only of limited interest. But hey, it’s always funny to know. Go to the options and see which contact takes the most space . Note that the photos may well distort the deal. 


Go to WhatsApp from your computer

We imagine that you already know this function but it is worth while to underline it as it is useful. Accessing WhatsApp from the web client via its computer offers real advantages especially in terms of speed of writing or to send images on your computer. Go to and scan the QR Code with your phone.  


And you, do you use WhatsApp? Do you prefer using Telegram or Signal? Explain to us why in the comments and share your tip. 

10 tips and features you must know about whatsapp 
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