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If any politician run to save the country from corruption and it’s system, push bills that enforce law and order, people will say “You are not a good politician, a respectable politician is the one who is corrupt” Without the support of the people it’s difficult to be a government official.

Secondly, I have seen views from many people very close from all over Pakistan and as a youth, it is sad that I think this corruption system might not get rooted out in our life. The situation is truly terrible for all of us.

Do we want to change?  How about setting just one board of intermediate studies in the Pakistan. How about setting up a proper system to employ the graduate students and how about actually driving people to think of all the problems we face and think about their solution. If we stop running after money and power, they will find out the solution to every problem.

Corruption is injected in our blood and we need to get rid of it from that point by spreading awareness and education. nowadays its just a pool of a million corrupt boards and every second student is scoring over 90% marks. they just trying to show which board has better understudies

We Want Change

Our police force is very corrupt, we have to reform our police department.  Read more

Instruct and engage the working class. the working class ought to be the decision class of our nation

We have to ensure quality education especially for women in every field. We have 50% female population so it is important to educate them. Read Pakistan population by religion

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