Tourism in Gilgit Baltistan

5 Highest Mountains of the World are Located in Gilgit Baltistan

There are only 14, eight thousand, 8000 meters high mountains in the world. 5 out of these 14 are located in here. These mountains are K2, Nanga Parbat, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum 1, and Gasherbrum 2. K2 is the highest in Pakistan and second highest mountain in the world. K2 is 8611 meters high. K2 is more dangerous to climb than Everest. Each year thousands of foreign climbers from US, UK, Canada and Europe come to climb the 2nd highest peak in the world.

Nanga Parbat is called Killer Mountain due to highest fatality rate. Nanga Parbat is also one of the most beautiful Mountains. It is located in front of fairy meadows in Diamer.

Gilgit Baltistan
Tourism in Gilgit Baltistan

Longest Glaciers Outside Polar Regions are Found in Gilgit

You may have heard about longest glaciers of Antarctica, Greenland and South Poles. But those glaciers are located on polar region. Outside polar region the longest glaciers are found in the Himalayas and surprisingly the majority of these glaciers are located in Pakistan’s northern areas which are now officially called Gilgit Baltistan. These glaciers include Siachen, Biafo, Batura, Hisper, Godwin Austin, Kabeeri, Vigne glacier, Miar glacier, Gondogoro glacier, Panmah glacier Trango and Passu glacier. Among these glaciers Baltoro glacier is the longest one, it is 62 Km long. Baltoro glacier is located in central Karakoram mountain range.

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Gilgit Baltistan is the Reason China is Pakistan’s Best Friend

pakistan china relation

You may have heard that “Pak China’s friendship is deeper than sea and higher than the Himalayas”. Do you where it’s located? Himalayas and Karakoram mountains are located here. Pakistan is connected with China via Karakoram Highway. Karakoram Highway was built by Chinese Engineers in 1966. Before 1947 Baltistan was not part of British India, it was part of Jammu & Kashmir state. Jammu and Kashmir’s ruler Hari Singh wanted to annex Kashmir with India. The people of Gilgit Baltistan revolted and invite Pakistan for annexation. Then it becomes a part of Pakistan. If it was not part of Pakistan there would be no friendship with China as China is linked with Pakistan via Gilgit.

You may have heard a lot about China Pakistan Economic Corridor. CPEC starts from Khunjarab in Baltistan and ends at Gawader Baluchistan. CPEC is an important project in the history of China Pakistan relationship. It will boost Pakistan’s economy.

Indus River which is a Lifeline of Pakistan originates from the Himalayas

Indus River is the lifeline of Pakistan’s agriculture. Indus River is the only river which passes through four provinces of Pakistan. It provides drinking and agricultural water of billions of people across Pakistan. Do you know where it starts? Indus water originally starts from the Himalayas in Gilgit Baltistan. Many sub rivers fall into Indus to make it great Indus River. These rivers are

  • Shyok
  • Saltoro
  • Shigar
  • Gilgit
  • Ghizer
  • Astore

Thousands of small streams also fall into Indus River. Then it passes through KPK, Punjab, Sindh and finally falls into the Arabian Sea.

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 Gilgit can produce 50,000 MW Electricity

Have you heard about Diamer Bhasha and Bunji Dam? Diamer dam can produce 4500 MW electricity and Bunji dam can produce 7000 MW. The total shortfall in Pakistan is 5000 MW hence Diamer and Buni dam can overcome this shortfall in Pakistan. According to Wapda Baltistan can produce 50000 MW electricity from water resources. Hydroelectricity is one of the cheapest and clean forms of energy. If invest in these projects Pakistan can sell electricity to neighboring countries.

The most Beautiful Territory in Pakistan & tourism in Gilgit Baltistan

tourism in gilgit baltistan
Tourism in Gilgit Baltistan/ Photo by Khan Khattak

Gilgit Baltistan is located in between the mighty mountains of Karakoram, Himalayas, Hindukush, and Pamir. The lush green valleys of, mighty peaks, longest glaciers, beautiful meadows, waterfalls and beautiful lakes attract millions of tourists from across the world. According to tourism department, 1 million tourists visited Baltistan in 2016. it has become a hub of tourism after peace restoration in Pakistan. GB can represent a soft image of Pakistan in the world. Pakistan needs to focus on tourism sector to boost the industry.

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