Are you looking for the best small business ideas in Pakistan with low investment?  Remember that the economy of Pak is unpredictable and anything can occur at any time. An occupation that you are running is profitable or not it depends on the economic & social condition of the country. When we talk about Pak so it has to face many crises like terrorism, load shedding, & economical fall down etc. In this condition, it is not easy to recommend a successful industry which will be profitable for you. So, I recommend you to do some earlier market research, analyze and make a strategy or a plan before you start a small business in Pakistan. Your relevant experience and work history will be a plus point to be successful in it.

small business ideas in pakistan with low investment

The following list of “Top 10 best small business ideas in Pakistan with low investment” can lead you. So, choose an idea very carefully and do some prior market research before you begin. I will help you to figure out what is the best business to start in Pakistan. I hope these ideas will be beneficial for you.


Fast Food Shop And  Desi Food Restaurant

We can live without everything but the food is necessary for every human being. So according to the survey report, Food restaurant is a very beneficial startup in Pakistan. This is a wrong concept that hotel or a restaurant can begin with a huge amount. Small hotels & restaurants business are moreover so much profitable. You can start with low investment and in the form of a small shop.

I suggest you learn cooking before you began. Want to learn? Government of Pakistan is offering free food preparation courses in many cities and you can join to improve your skills. your starting salary can be more than 30000 thousand.

small business ideas in pakistan with low investment

Departmental Store Or A General Store

Departmental store or general store are the best options for a new businessman. No one can deny the importance of food products which we use at our home. If you are not in a good position then you can begin this business with low investment as a small store but make sure you choose a good location for your store.

Make Money Online With Freelancing

Freelancing is getting very popular in Asian countries among students. Americans and Europeans mostly hire & contract with Asian freelancer to complete and handle their project. They prefer Asians freelancers because they charge low and convey high-quality work as compared to other.

Many employees, well-educated housewives, and Pakistani students are associated with this online home based job and they earn enough. It depends on your skills that how much can earn. your skills like academic research, SEO friendly content writing, logo designing or photoshop, social media marketing (SMM) etc help to make money online.

Resume Writing Services

As we know that a resume can put a good impression before we go for a job interview. Everyone can’t write an impressive resume so he would like to hire an expert to write it in order to impress his/her HR. There are many websites where you can find your clients to provide your service. You can help the job seekers so that they can get their desired jobs with an impressive CV.

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Stock Exchange Market

If you are an educated person you can work with Stock Exchange market. Most of Pakistanis are making an unbelievable profit from the stock exchange. Your success depends on your strategy & satisfactory planning. If you have a good knowledge to analyze the market and you are able to guess that which company will be on the top then this field is one of the best for you.

Coffee Shop is one of best small business ideas in Pakistan with low investment

Over the previous decade, coffee shop industry is expanding quickly. The coffee shop actually treated as a third place outside of work and like a home where you relax or to take a short break. The coffee shop is the best way to turn your love for coffee into a benefit making business.

small business ideas in pakistan with low investment

Buying and Selling Luxury Cars

Pakistan is the one & only country where the cost of second-hand luxury cars increases with the passage of time. If you can purchase a luxury car, keep it for 1 year and then sell it at a high price.

Bird Farming

Wanna start this occupation? you should get some expensive bird pairs and let them multiples. Remember that some bird species are very sensitive and they need a specific environment, care, and good feed. after some time, they will be in multiples.

Go to your nearest birds market and sell them. You can offer them separately or in a couple. Cost differ from one species to other, but normally each bird cost is 2000 minimum while a pair can be in 5000.

Selling smart mobile phones is a very beneficial

Parking stand for cars & bikes

Starting an online garments store is a good home based opportunity because you can increase this business by time.

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Top 10 small scale best business ideas in Pakistan with low investment
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