Pakistani parents  are the best. Yet, there are sure things they do which don’t get away from your notice. From the significance behind each look worth a thousand words they offer you to the charming things that come to pass each day, we are all more than acquainted with everything our folks SAY, Here is a rundown of myths and superstitions that Pakistani parents tell their kids. Give them a read and appreciate.Are you Drug Addicted?

Are you Drug Addicted?

pakistani parents
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whole day advice and insult if you are drug addicted. so don’t ever let them know  :-p

They can slap if you do ‘naafarmani’

Keep in mind how Pakistani parents let us know stories of what one look like from their parents could set them straight quicker than you can state ‘I can clarify’? All things considered, despite everything it remains constant today.

pakistani parents
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Their sharing of posts on Facebook

Pakistani parents are enthusiastic about over-sharing and Facebook gave them a field day the minute they developed the share catch. You probably heard how things don’t make a difference in life unless you share them.


Remarks on Facebook

You can never turn out badly with a decent of’ Ma Sha Allah. Everybody knows how much parents adore their children, particularly before others and they are not reluctant to show it on Facebook where they find nearly everything and everybody ‘Exceptionally Nice’ and ‘Charming’.

Keep an eye on Gandi Aulad

Don’t forget that they always keep and eye on your activity if you are a Gandi Aulad according to your Pakistani parents so you should be very careful with your privacy.

pakistani parents

Their endeavors at learning new innovation

While most circumstances it makes for an amusing account, there are times when they really do venture on something great. Like when they Watch that can really help keep parents associated with their kids and redesigned on their security… all on account of innovation.


They told and untold rundown of guidelines

A few things are an unavoidable reality. Your abba’s home principles are one of them. Simply recollect, it’s not about winning or losing, it’s the way you play.


They are extremely specific and dependable about their twice-a-day chai breaks.




Predictably, their suba ki chai and shaam ki chai custom convention has dependably been and will dependably be. Jao beta 2 kilo dhoodh le ker ana.

The nazar utaarna custom

Particularly your ammi, has a resolute conviction that each eye that lays upon you separated from hers is ‘nazar-e-badd’ so it is exhorted you shield yourself with Ayat-ul-Kursi each time you venture out of the house. No truly, it works.


Their tenacious instant messages to guarantee you are perfect


May it be our ammi or abu, they both get similarly stressed at whatever point you venture out of the house. The measure of stress is specifically corresponding to the measure of time going without them got notification from us. It is more terrible, the more youthful you are.

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Pakistani parents may do things that can chafe, or baffling however they do it because of affection and sympathy toward their kids’ security. You can’t censure them either, considering how things are; they normally need to keep redesigned with the prosperity of their children.

Things to do and life style of desi Pakistani parents
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