Best tattoo designs and ideas of unique meaningful tattoos with secret meanings, indeed the meaningful tattoo symbols are cool, valuable and everyone wants his tattoos with meaning of life or something. so, guys, it is interesting to know about meaningful tattoo ideas and tattoos with deep meaning before being tattooed. You will be able to realize a symbol in perfect agreement with the representation that you chose for him.


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Tattoos depicting butterflies have a very profound meaning! Some ancient civilizations believed that these gorgeous and fragile creatures are the means of transporting souls from Earth to Heaven and back again while the incredible transformation that they experience during their lives and the ephemeral of their existence symbolizes the very human Zoe.


Originally, sailors tattooed anchors on their arms. The symbol has gained popularity and spread to other people so quickly

The first and best known anchor meanings are closely related to the sea, which is why it has become the icon of sailors, fishermen and the navy in general. The anchor is the symbol of stability but also of the return to the port after having sailed in the sea, in the adversity: a strong symbol in the eyes of those who work at sea.

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Sentimental meaning

The anchor symbolizes the bond uniting us to our loved ones, hanging on to the people we love. It is common to see anchor tattoos with names or initials. A couple of good friends use this symbol to symbolize their union. If you want to get an anchor tattooed with a friend, there is no need to add the name of the friend next to it: you just have to do exactly the same anchor


Infinity is one of the trendy tattoos. We have seen it is reviewed. Its meaning is obvious to too many people. This mark is also often embellished with signifying love and takes as meaning eternal love. Yet very few people know that the form of the infinite also means abundance, authority, and power. He even mentions an ambition too great. The meaning of this mark is not only positive.



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Wing represent birth, luck, speech through speech and many other things, depending on the type of bird from which the feather comes from! And because this significance is not very widespread, others will simply see a beautiful design, while you will know that there is much more!

Heart tattoos with meaning of life

As you know, heart tattoos represent love and an intense connection between the wearer of the tattoo and the person to whom the heart is dedicated. But at the time, tattooing heart’s with the name of the loved one (brother, lover, sister …) was a lucky charm and have meaningful tattoo symbols of love

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Diamond tattoos

unique meaningful tattoos with deep meaning
unique meaningful tattoos with deep meaning / Photo by steff 5star

Tattoos have become very fashionable in recent years and are used on both male and female bodies. Beyond the attraction represented by this precious stone, it is important to know that it is its meaning before definitively marking it on the skin

Diamond tattoos also mean eternity because it is a precious stone that lasts a lifetime because of its great resistance. It can be used to show the eternity of a love or affective relationship of any kind or used as a symbol of infinity because an image is reflected many times in a diamond.

For centuries the diamond has been considered as a symbol of luck and wealth because who possessed a diamond possessed a real treasure. It can be a good representation for those who wish to bring luck wherever they go. If you consider yourself a lucky person, it is an ideal symbol.


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Trees are part of nature, symbolizing life, and the strength gained over the years. There are two essential ways of representing them: with roots, large and bushy, or with fine branches and with little foliage.

Tattoos having bushy trees with roots representing the experience, maturity, and strength of the human being. It is a symbol that shows we are balanced, we have grown up and we are strong to support what life puts in our path.

We can not miss the most used and symbolic image, the tree of life. It is unrepresented with a broad trunk and abundant roots and branches, with a circular shape that reminds us of the cycle of life. this image symbolizes eternity, knowledge, knowledge, forgiveness and abundance. It reflects our links with our own roots and our ancestors by also appearing to a family tree.

The tree has become a symbol of spirituality or religion in many cultures. Because of the strength and longevity of these plants, they are the perfect image of the strength and persistence of our spiritual beliefs. For example, in Celtic culture, trees were considered the ancestors of men, while among Buddhists Buddha attained enlightenment meditating under a tree.


It means you are going through a very difficult time but you will not give up and redouble your effort on to get back on the path.

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Different tattoo Styles:

Tribal: Tattoo made from abstract and aesthetic curves. It is most commonly done from black solid areas, sometimes completed with shading. Its origin, magico religious or social, is inspired by primitive cultures.

Custom: This is a tattoo made to measure and unique.

Realistic: Refined, detailed and very meticulous work that produces the effect of a painting, a photograph.

Old school: Figurative and traditional tattoo. It is accomplished with simple lines, without shading, and tinged with very bright colors. These are tattoos worn by sailors.

Celtic: Tattoo that comes from Celtic art, composed of intertwined lines, decorations, the Celtic cross, triskele, is representative, and mythological creatures …

Japanese: Tattoo that originates from Japanese prints and each motif, dragon, carp, tiger, geisha, Buddha … contains a meaning.

Biomechanics: Tattoo mixing different components; mechanical, vegetal and organic giving the impression that the pattern is under the skin of the tattooed person.

Horror: Tattooing that shows tormented subjects, graphically violent, they can, for example, be inspired by horror movies.

Maori: Abstract or stylized tattoo, inked only with black. It is often composed of curved lines or a stylized representation; turtle, shark, lizard, ray … Traditional tattoos have their own identity and meaning within New Zealand culture.

Fantasy: Tattoo inspired by the imaginary world, legendary, mythological and magical.

Art of the point: The pattern is worked partially or completely point by point thus giving nuances to the tattoo.

Chicano: Inspired by Hispanic gangs, these tattoos extol a member’s loyalty to his clan. These motifs can be religious or represent tears, the sadness resulting from an event, cobwebs, incarceration, projectiles, the death of a loved one, a laughing face adjoining a crying face, laugh now, you’ll cry later … Chicano style lettering is often complemented by a small prominent tip called “diamond”, centered on each of the letters.

150 unique meaningful tattoos with secret meanings

Best tattoo designs of Animals:

Bee: It represents order, zeal, work, intelligent action, immortality, and collaboration.

Lamb: The sacrificial lamb illustrates Christ offering his life for the salvation of the world. The lamb is the universal symbol of innocence, it embodies purity, redemption, gentleness, and humility.

Eagle: King of birds, the symbol of the sun, an emblem of power and sovereignty. His physical qualities and his great reputation as a hunter connect him to the symbolism of the warrior and the deities of war. It refers to authority, strength, victory, pride.

Spider: It defines the Mother who weaves the threads of destiny. In China, a spider spinning its web is a sign of luck.

Whale: It symbolizes the power of the sea. Among the Maori, the whale, the main source of food, is associated with abundance.

Aries: The ram embodies virility, masculine strength, and creative energy.

Goat: It is the representation of the fisherman, the damned. In the Middle Ages, the goat, a stinking and lewd animal, meant impurity and the demon.

Carp: In Japan and China, carp fish represents courage, perseverance, and endurance. Furthermore, It symbolizes patience and longevity.

Cat: is considered a prophetic animal. The black cat in the Middle Ages was related to witchcraft. Nowadays, beneficial or evil powers are attributed to him. For the peoples of the North, it is a sign of freedom.

Bat: It is attached to duplicity. In the West, it is related to vampires, the devil, and witchcraft.

Horse: It is a sign of nobility of spirit, speed, freedom, grace, beauty.

Dog:  interprets fidelity, protection, blind love and obedience.

Ladybug: Lucky charm, she is a symbol of luck. It is also related to fertility and motherhood.

Hummingbird: Considered a joyful messenger of the gods, the hummingbird evokes gaiety. Moreover, It refers to rebirth and healing.

Dove: She is the emblem of peace, innocence, gentleness, and purity. It is associated with the divine spirit and baptism. A dove couple represents marital happiness and fidelity.

Rooster: It refers to the dawn, the emerging light, the vigilance, the male pride, the fight, the fertility and the courage. His song evokes domination, the victory of the day over the darkness.

Raven: Although considered most often as a bird of ominous sign of war, discord, malice, sickness and death, the symbolism of the raven is twofold, it represents either the Sun and the wisdom, or the darkness and destruction.

Crab: Its protective shell is associated with the uterus and motherhood. His molting is a sign of renewal. His lateral approach attributes to him the symbolism of flight, deception, and dishonesty.

Swan: It defines beauty, virginity, fertility, light, and purity. In the Far East, Swan is elegance, nobility, and courage.

Dauphin: Refers to virtue, wisdom, and intelligence. Because it saves shipwrecked people from drowning, it is tied to safety and speed. Dauphin is associated with transformation and love.

Elephant: It symbolizes strength, wisdom, stability, power, longevity. It represents patience, wisdom, and chastity. The white elephant, associated with the Buddha, is a symbol of royalty.

Starfish: It describes eternal love. Its faculty of regeneration associates it with the rebirth.

Falcon: It symbolizes virility, male power, war. His ascension illustrates the freedom of the soul. Furthermore, These are tattoos with meaning of nobility and discipline.

Ant: It defines effort, hard work and community life. It illustrates foresight that can lead to egoism and greed. Ants are my best tattoo designs.

Gecko: Express wisdom, agility, adaptation. The regrowth of his tail means renewal.

Frog: It is associated with fertility, the feminine universe, magic. His process of metamorphosis is a sign of resurrection and renewal.

Hippocampus: It indicates the confidence, the courage at sea, the power of the ocean and the calm crossings.

Swallow: It announces spring, it is a sign of hope and luck, a symbol of fertility, freedom, escape, fidelity. His migration, combined with his return to the place of his departure, gives him the symbolism of departure and arrival; alternation and renewal; of death and resurrection.

Jaguar: Emblem of the great Amerindian deities, it illustrates the sun in its nocturnal race inside the earth. Jaguar is considered the lord of the night, a guardian, a protector.

Leopard also called panther: Represents courage, pride, ferocity, cruelty, wild instinct.

Lion: Regarded as the king of animals, Lion shows wisdom, strength, courage, justice, immortality, and power. The lion can evoke the excess of power and protection too that leads to tyranny.

Wolf: It illustrates the maternal protection, the courage, the victory and defines the ferocity, the cruelty and the wickedness.

Kingfisher: It is associated with marital happiness, fidelity, grace, and speed.

Sparrow: It is considered a symbol of loneliness. It is associated with lust and fertility. Because the sparrow is a sociable bird, it embodies loyalty to Japan.

Bear: Associated with warlike deities, the bear symbolizes strength, power, and courage. Bear refers to the resurrection. It can be a sign of awkwardness and ignorance. Bear is one of the unique meaningful tattoos with deep meaning.

Butterfly of the day: It illustrates the happiness, the lightness, the grace and the beauty. His process of metamorphosis evokes the soul, rebirth, and resurrection.

Moth: It is related to darkness. Attracted by the light as the soul is attracted by divine truth, the moth symbolizes the quest for truth.

Parrot: By the brilliance of his plumage, Parrot describes the beauty of life, spring. It means fertility and mockery for his imitating skills.

Octopus: By its tentacles, it shows whirlpools, cyclones and the unleashing of the elements. His black ink embodies the infernal spirits. His mimicry is associated with inconstancy and the supernatural.

Rat: It is associated with decay, death, destruction, greed, and greed.

Fox: Trickery and deception.

Shark: Male power, ferocity, violence.

Scarab: A sacred animal in Ancient Egypt, it illustrates wisdom and immortality.

Monkey: It is associated with deception, malice, curiosity, and vanity. In Japan, the three monkeys are venerated for their wisdom, one closes his ears, the second hides his eyes and the last closes his mouth.

Tiger: It symbolizes royalty, courage, speed, power, beauty but also cruelty and ferocity.

Turtle: It embodies longevity, fertility, stability, tenacity, and success.

Fabulous animals and legendary creatures:

Centaur: It describes the duality of the man torn between his instinct and his reason. It has a double meaning; good, sweet and wise or brutal, adulterous, satyr and bellicose.

Cerberus: show the mysterious knowledge of death and resurrection.

Chimera: It evokes the unleashing of natural elements, danger, confusion. Uniting the appearances of the lion (spring), the goat (summer), the snake (winter), it is a symbol of the year.

Western Dragon: Express the image of the guardian. Ambivalent symbol, it represents both creation and rebirth as chaos, destruction and can be associated with the demon. The struggle with the hero illustrates the struggle between good and evil. Among the peoples of the North, it defines valor, power, protection.

Eastern Dragon: It is associated with wisdom, power, the creative force of nature, joy, fertility, spiritual knowledge and immortality. Dragons are  unique meaningful tattoos with deep meaning especially in Japan, China

Fairy: Messenger of the fairy and magical world, she brings good news. She embodies joy, happiness. Mistress of magic, she is a symbol of imagination and destiny.

Griffon: It symbolizes vigilance, protection, courage, wisdom and often holds the role of guardian.

Harpy: It is associated with destiny, death, divine punishment. She is a messenger of sudden death.

Hydra: When one cut the head to the hydra, two new ones sprouted immediately, that’s why hydra means the vices constantly reborn. It defines fertility too.

Unicorn: Means Christ, purity, chastity, incorruptibility, self-knowledge. It is an emblem of the lover whose desperate desire will never be satisfied. In China, it is related to fertility, friendliness, wisdom, benevolence, purity, and longevity.

Werewolf: It translates man’s fear of succumbing to his animal instinct as well as his links with the occult world.

Minotaur: It defines the wild aspect of man and his most primitive instincts.

Pegasus: It represents the duality of human nature; the animal instinct and its desire for elevation. It symbolizes the speed of thought and speed.

Phoenix: Express the resurrection and immortality of the soul. It also reflects the delicacy because it feeds only dew. In the Middle Ages, it was the emblem of alchemists who aspired to use the fire.

Salamander: It illustrates the righteousness of the soul that can escape unscathed from the flames of temptation. It is linked to fire.

Tattoos with meaning of Stars:

Siren: It represents the unconscious desires of the man who leads him to his loss, the fatal passion, the treachery, the loss of the soul, the temptation, the ability to seduce, the lust. It is also related to fertility, love, hope, transformation, protection.

Sphinx: It symbolizes royalty, power, wisdom, riddles, voluptuousness. A funerary emblem, it monitors, protects and puts to flight the spirits that haunt the cemeteries.

Star: It is associated with the divine as a spiritual guide, the path to follow, the destiny, the protection, the spirit that pierces the night, the hope, the wishes, the wisdom. It is related to the souls of the dead who shine in the sky.

The five-pointed star (pentacle or pentagram): In the spiritual world, the pentacle is beneficial when its point is directed upwards. it symbolizes then the light, the aspiration. Inverted, he is associated with black magic, the devil. The star defines the universal man; one branch of the head, two for the arms and the other two for the legs.

Star with six branches (Star of David): It consists of two triangles which are the union of opposites; the Earth and the sky, the feminine, and the masculine.

Shooting star: Divine symbol and the messenger of heaven. it’s auspicious and announces the birth.

Moon: Means hope, luck, the mystery of femininity and procreation. His hidden face illustrates the occult world. It is related to birth, death, and resurrection. Changing and whimsical, Moon is said to be lying but faithful to the oath link. As it creates the tides, it ensures the role of fertility.

Sun: Imperial symbol, it is the intelligence of the world, the vital energy, the image of the good in the real and visible world. It is associated with birth, death, resurrection, immortality. It illustrates masculine energy, light, illumination, warmth, passion, youth.

Earth: Spiritual center, it embodies the goddess Mother nourishing, the source of life, it gives birth to the crops and suckles the humanity. It is fixed, stable, immutable.

Meaningful tattoo symbols with Numbers:

Zero: Symbolized by a circle, it is a kind of non-number that represents nothing, which signifies non-being and eternity. Nowadays, a zero designates a person who is null and void.

One: It represents the beginning, the origin, the absolute and the creation. In popular language, being number 1 means being first, the best. The number 1 corresponds to creativity, courage, independence, and determination. It represents the unity to which all living things must return. It indicates an aggressive, selfish and domineering behavior.

Two: It refers to the partnership, cooperation, adaptation, union, couple, order, harmony, and balance. It also illustrates the alternative, the duality, the conflict, the opposing forces; life and death, light and darkness, hell and paradise, masculine and feminine, yin and yang. The 2 in its stylization corresponds to the swan synonymous with light. It can illustrate shyness, submission, and lack of insurance.

Three: Express harmony, perfection, artistic expression, communication, inspiration, sensitivity, sensuality, optimism. In Freemasonry it has a triple symbolism; freedom, equality and fraternity or strength, beauty and wisdom. In almost all religions, the number 3 characterize tattoos with meaning of life, birth, life, and death, past, present and future, man, woman, and child. It can describe the mind too critical and suspicious.

Four: It is related to stability, methodology, organization, universality. It illustrates the 4 elements; water, earth, air, and fire. The 4 cardinal points. The four cardinal virtues; temperance, strength, prudence, and justice. It can still indicate inflexibility and inability to progress.

Five: It is dedicated to the human being; Human activities: gestures, words, sight, hearing, and will, the 5 senses: hearing, touching, seeing, tasting, smelling, the 5 human virtues: gravity, good order, wisdom, good understanding, and holiness. The number 5 defines freedom, discipline, imagination, change and adaptation, and impatience.

Six: It symbolizes balance, movement, power, love, family circle, beauty, harmony, purity, balance, altruism, health, luck. It is also associated with obstinacy, domination, criticism and with evil.  These are unique meaningful tattoos with deep meaning of satan.

Seven: sacred figure, 7 meaningful tattoo symbols represents the union of the divinity and the earth. it is an emblem of the plenitude, the wisdom, the confidence and the perfection. Each phase of the moon lasts 7 days, one week includes 7 days, the 7 stages of life; a little child, child, teenager, young man, man wall, old man, old man, 7 deadly sins; avarice, lust, gluttony, laziness, pride, anger and envy, the 7 notes of the range, the 7 colors of the rainbow, the blood is renewed every 7 years. It also denotes a distant, sarcastic and mocking character. They are tattoos with deep meaning.

Eight: Considered a perfect figure, it illustrates abundance, authority, power, domination, the excess of ambition. A reclining 8 is the representation of infinity.

Nine: the Esteemed figure of the celestial and mystic power, the 9 is related to perfection, eternity, completion, fullness, fulfillment, it is synonymous with intelligence, wisdom, integrity, dedication, altruism, truth. Its stylized form is that of the fetus, it is a sign of germination. It can denote a possessive and negative nature, indecision.

Classics tattoos with deep meaning:

Halo: It is a sign of divinity. It is related to the valorization and recognition of the spiritual exercise.
Gun tattoos with deep meaning: It embodies aggression, male and phallic power. The violence of its projectiles makes it a virile symbol. Gun is the archetype of the macho individual.

Balance: It designates justice, judgment, and equity.

Shield: It defines the protection, the power of the woman and chastity.

Pool Ball # 8: It describes the chance in life, the last to die, the goal to be achieved, the will.

Chain: It illustrates the links between two extremes, between two beings. When broken, it represents liberation. Conversely, it can also mean servo.

Key: tattoos with meaning of wisdom, knowledge, maturity, success, liberation.

Heart: Seat of human feelings, it symbolizes love, joy, sorrow, compassion.

Crown: It means sovereignty.

Knife: It is a symbol of death, sacrifice. It is akin to rupture, to liberation.

De: It is linked to chance, to the unpredictability of existence, to destiny. Depending on the number that composes it, it can be luck or bad luck.

Diamond: It is associated with purity, fidelity, eternity, strength. Its brightness is attached to the Sun.

Fan: It is related to femininity, seduction. It denotes distinction and nobility. The fan keeps evil spirits away. For the Taoist, It illustrates the liberation of the soul.

False: It is attached to death that mows down earthly lives. Moreover, it is representing the liberation of souls.

Electric guitar: phallic emblem, it is related to male virility. It defines the rebellion of youth.

Hourglass: It is related to mortality; the life that declines with the passing of time.

Spider web: Located at the elbow, it describes the bar pillars leaning too long on the counter. It defines rebirth, the refusal of the established order. It refers to the trap, the capture, the struggle to break free.

Yin Yang: It represents the complementary, antagonistic and indissociable forces. The yin is the female, dark, docile, associated with the night, the yang is the male, clear, strong, associated with the day.

Meaningful tattoo ideas with Colors:

White tattoos with meaning: White symbolizes purity, innocence, virginity, perfection, the divine, wisdom, the absolute. In China, India, and Japan, white is linked to mourning, to death.

Blue: Blue is the color of water and the serene sky. It illustrates the infinite, the divine, the calm, the reflection, the intelligence, the wisdom, the serenity, the perseverance, the dream, the candor, the naivety and the melancholy. Like limpid water that hides nothing, blue embodies truth, loyalty, and freshness.

Brown: Brown evokes earth, autumn, sweetness, neutrality, humility, but it also suggests putrefaction.

Gray: Gray is related to sadness, loneliness, monotony, anonymity, uncertainty, calmness, gentleness and mediation.

Yellow: The yellow symbolizes gold, brightness, illumination, the Sun. It evokes life, movement, renewal, warmth, joy, intelligence, reason. It can be synonymous with envy, cowardice, treachery, jealousy, adultery, and lying. In China, yellow is the emblem of royalty.

Black: Black represents mourning, death, sadness, despair, emptiness, darkness, evil, the world of darkness, black magic and associated with elegance, simplicity, humility, sobriety, morality, and mystery. Black colors are unique meaningful tattoos with deep meaning of evil.

Orange: Mix of red and yellow, the orange draws its symbolic through these two colors. Orange express creativity, communication, optimism, open-mindedness, security, dynamism, good humor, splendor. In China and Japan, it is a symbol of love and happiness.

Purple: Purple illustrates wealth, luxury, prestige, power, pride, greatness, and justice.

PINK: embodies seduction, romance, femininity, sensuality, tenderness, youth.

Red: Red defines life, passion, love, fire, energy, sexuality, virility, fertility, rebirth, courage, ardor, triumph. It is associated with anger, blood, lust, aggression, war, prohibition, danger, the fire of hell.

Green: Green meaningful tattoo symbols shows spring, youth, health, hope, luck, joy, health, concentration, stability, beginning, fertility. It is still related to failure, misfortune, decay, jealousy.

Purple: Purple is the color of sweetness, dream, modesty, temperance, friendship, meditation. It also symbolizes melancholy and loneliness.


Air: Air is linked to the mind, it illustrates mobility, subtlety, communication, lightness, skill, speed, freedom, renewal, adaptation, flexibility, spontaneity, altruism. It indicates frivolity, lying, nervousness, superficiality, dishonesty, exuberance, capriciousness, casualness.

Water: Water is attached to the soul, it symbolizes life, wisdom, harmony, sensitivity, kindness, regeneration, imagination, creativity, sensitivity, tact, generosity. It also illustrates laziness, inertia, indeterminacy, timidity, immaturity, abandonment, flight.

Fire: Fire is associated with the spirit, it embodies intelligence, power, will, energy, passion. It still evokes punishment, domination, ambition, destruction, vanity, violence, vanity, anger.

Earth: It is related to the body, it represents fertility, fertility, regeneration, stability, endurance, fidelity, foresight, security, perseverance. It also embodies stubbornness, resentment, rigidity, pessimism, bestiality.

Elements are very meaningful tattoo symbols and tattoos with meaning of life

Unique meaningful tattoos with secret meanings of Forms

Square tattoos with meaning: Tattoos with deep meaning of the Earth and its four cardinal points define the perfection of creation, the necessary opposition of opposites.

Circle: It is related to heaven and the sacred. It embodies unity, infinity, perfection, eternity. It is often used to designate God.

Pyramid: It is related to the ascension of man to spirituality; its tip indicates the end of the course while its structure illustrates the degrees of its ascent. It also embodies the Earth and the summit of the sky.

Sphere: Like the circle, the sphere designates the sky and the sacred universe.

Spiral: It defines the physical and spiritual energy. It is the swirling form of storms and heavens. For the Polynesians, it was a sign of immortality.


Tree: It is related to fertility, longevity, strength, stability, solidity, regeneration of the universe. It refers to the dynamics of life, death, renewal, the protecting Mother, autonomy, harmony. It binds the underworld to earth and heaven. The fruit tree represents the tree of life. The evergreen tree is associated with immortality while the deciduous tree at the rebirth. Plants are unique meaningful tattoos with deep meaning

Wheat: Express resurrection, fertility, immortality.

Bonsai: It defines the mastery of man over nature, longevity, spirituality.

Cannabis: It illustrates purity, fertility and the sacred.

Poppy: It symbolizes the last sleep. It pays tribute to the men who died in battle because the battlefields are covered with poppies.

Cherry: It is related to the will, the courage, the art of chivalric combat. For the samurai, Cherry represented the gift of self. It is associated with physical, carnal and sensual love.

Edelweiss: It refers to the protection of nature. these are meaningful symbols and their meanings for tattoos are cool.

Cherry Blossom: It defines the ephemeral sweetness of youth, spring, and femininity.

Gui:  Embodies immortality, regeneration, protection, fertility, love, health. During Christmas and New Year, kissing under the mistletoe is a guarantee of happiness and prosperity.

Hibiscus: It represents feminine beauty, happiness, carnal love, glory.

Iris: It is associated with hope, purification, and protection.

Laurier: It symbolizes immortality, purification, divination, victory, glory, peace.

Ivy: It is related to immortality, virtue, glory, loyalty, constant friendship but also dependence.

Lis: It refers to purity, virginity, chastity, innocence, dignity, nobility, peace. Lis is an emblem of royalty.

Lotus: It illustrates purity, perfection, immaculate beauty, fertility, royal power, the emerging sun, creation.

Marguerite: Defines modesty, simplicity, innocence, freshness, purity, faithful love.

Orchid: It symbolizes perfection, refinement, luxury, feminine grace, beauty, fertility, sensuality, passion.

Thought: It is related to thoughts, memories, love and a flower of Valentine’s Day.

White Rose: It shows purity, virginity, veneration, charm, intimacy, secret.

Yellow Rose:  Friendship, joy, the Sun. It also defines jealousy, infidelity and ending love.

Red Rose: It is related to beauty, love, passion. It is also related to the blood of martyrs. Roses are unique meaningful tattoos with secret meanings

Roseau: It symbolizes adaptability because it bends under the wind without breaking. It illustrates purification. The Egyptians associated it with royalty and the Nile.

Sunflower: It represents worship, servile love and also embodies the unreliability. In China, it is linked to immortality.

Four leaf clover: It is a symbol of luck. Its four leaves designate hope, faith, love, and luck.

Tulip: It is related to declarations of love. Tulip is related to wealth and beauty.

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