Is your life stressful? Maybe it’s a divorce, a prominent employment or may be exam stress, anxiety always finds a way to disturb our lives. As bad as depression is on its own, medical professionals keep on uncovering more ways to get rid of it, especially stress and anxiety can affect our bodies and our lives. Let’s see how does it effect.

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Memory Loss

Have you ever noticed you are regularly more forgetful while stressed? Researchers have found that anxiety has a negative effect on psychological functions, resulting in reduced concentration and memory loss. For many, an absence of focus reduces focus at work and can have disappointing results.

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Long-Term Sleep Disorder

it is your depression that’s keeping you awake late at night. It can cause hyperarousal (a biological term) in which people don’t feel sleepy. For those suffering from acute stress (short-term stress), the sleep problems should go away with time. Sleep is very important and lack of sleep can cause many problems in our life

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Skin Damage And Hair Loss

Depression can make you both look and feel less than stellar. stress can bring about skin acne. Chronic stress will also affect the look and feel of your hair however it won’t turn them white, Anxiety can lead you to dull and hair loss.

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Levels Of Hormones

In women, chronic stress can lead to a decrease in important hormone levels. Both estrogen and progesterone production are reduced during periods of depression, while cortisol levels spike. Together, this change in hormone levels can bring about agonizing or missed periods, negatively impact sex drive and result in misrepresented feelings. Anxiety can bring various issues for women who are pregnant or attempting to get pregnant.dna photo

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Positive Effect: Increase Your Performance

Anxiety always influences us in negative ways, but sometimes these feeling can actually do some good things. For example, acute stress (not the chronic kind) can enhance performance in sports or workout. Stress during flight reaction in the body can support stamina and give you extra quality, which could have the impact of scoring the last point and missing the mark.

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