It is the ninth month of Islamic calendar when Muslims avoid eating and drinking in daylight. Some people feel so lazy because of their bad diet plan that does not work in Ramadan so they need to change it.

You may don’t feel active and healthy during Ramadan. Follow these simple 3 tips to make your day easy and stay stronger.

Avoid Salty Food

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Spicy and salty foods can cause water retention and you may feel thirsty so you should avoid eating such things.

Eat Hydrating Foods

stay active during ramadan

As you are fasting whole day so need to eat food that contains high amount of water like watermelon, Smoothies and juicy fruits can help you to keep hydrated during Ramadan

Eating Rich

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Choose the meal that is easy for your digestive system to consume so you will feel comfortable during fast. In your Ramadan Sehri, include food with all kinds of nutrition like honey, skimmed milk, yogurt, and eggs.

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Here are some more tips for you.

  • Try to give up smoking if you do
  • include fruits and vegetables in your meals
  • Do not eat foods that are high in fat, sugar salt
  • Avoid excessive exercise during fasting and try walking
  • When having meal, you have to drink more water in order to keep it in your body for whole day
Stay active and healthy during Ramadan by following these three tips
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