Some people never change and go crazy to grow up into mature adults. Our behavior allows us to differentiate ourselves from others, to be unique in a way. Every human being has his own emotional, moral or intellectual characteristics that distinguish him from others. So why some people never change their behaviors and will? What to do? keep reading…

I have listed a few interesting facts about human behavior that will help you understand others. I do not want to explain that everyone behaves in this way, but these facts have emerged in various scientific studies.

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Some people never change because of these facts of behavior


Persons with low self-esteem humiliate others. These humiliations give them a sense of control. Because of this, they feel a short rush of adrenaline. This ensures more self-confidence. This is just a short duration so often this process is repeated. We believe our negative opinions about others are truthful, not related to them and their self-confidence. In fact, humiliating others is a way to restore their own sense of self-worth.


Would you like someone to ask for help to do something personally? It is very difficult to say ‘no’ when the person is standing in front of you. If you ask a question by phone or email, it is easier for the other to refuse. Also, make sure that the person you ask for help has to make an effort. In this way, he/she has the idea to help you. Unfortunately, we all have a few friends in our circle and they don’t help us ever because some people never change but don’t worry we have some tips below.


When people are being watched, they behave better. Even the illusion of being watched also works. It is enough to continuously watch someone in a self-service cafeteria to get more people to clear their plates. That’s why many stores also have security cameras that do not work. The idea of being watched by someone is often enough to obtain better behavior.


If you are in a discussion with someone and a third person is asking to choose a party, then he or she chooses more often for the person he/she finds most attractive. Appearance plays an important role, even during the elections. Maturity and physical attractiveness of the politicians are unconsciously important for the voter. That is why politicians also spend so much money on a stylist.



Happiness does not depend on how much money you have. People constantly compare themselves with others and satisfied when they have more than the other. The comparison does not stop with money. We compare ourselves with others in terms of appearance, job, partner, vacation, … As long as we feel we are doing better, we are happy.


The more complex the decision is, the more people will leave things as they are. If the store has too much choice and it is difficult to decide which product is best, then you are likely to leave the store without a purchase. The more choices, the more difficult the decision. The difference is with me in the duration of the process. The more choices, the longer the process. When I eat an ice cream I prefer that there are only 5 flavors instead of 20. Otherwise, it takes a few minutes before I can choose. Some people never change their decision and ignore all other things.


When we live together for a long period of time, we will look alike. Conventional wisdom says that this is due to eating the same diet and eating habits – this is part of the truth – but there is more than that.

A large part of the similarities in looks is due to the simple imitation of facial expressions. When you adopt each other’s habits, you unconsciously imitate them. Just think of a language accent that you take over when you stay in a new location for a long time. maybe some people never change because they are not happy there and not giving attention.

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8) The way emotions are shown is similar everywhere

In other words, A smile is a laugh everywhere. The basic emotions such as happiness, sadness, anger, being surprised, disgusted and scared are more or less the same everywhere in the world. No matter what kind of human being you see, we’re all the same

Let’s move to reasons why some people will never change

  1. We know nothing better. Before I became interested in personal development, I did not understand what to do to transform and become a better person. I raised with the mentality: “If it is not broke, do not fix it. So, if I could survive, it was all right. For me, it was a risk, so I avoided changing.
  2. We find change difficult. It is not always easy. Ask someone around you how much they value (1-10) their quality of life. Someone is in the gray zone, between 4/10 and 7/10, rarely wants to transform. Why? Because he can bear what is wrong in his life. The modification is very complicated for him. Now ask someone who has made huge changes in his life (personal, professional, social), where was he before he changed? You will say they were, at some point in their life, a 1/10 or 2/10. For some of them, not to transform was the end, the death. Reaching the bottom of the barrel can be the worst and the best thing that can happen to you.
  3. We are afraid of losing the respect of their friends. It is very common for individuals around us to be afraid to see changes in you. This is completely normal. Your relatives want you to be happy in your life, but they are very afraid of losing you. If you tell your best friend that you would like to do something more constructive than spending your evenings in bars, you risk shaking him. In return, he could very well try to convince you that you are wrong. Your friend is only afraid of losing you and you are afraid of losing the respect of your friend.

Changing the life can’t be done in one night, but the decision can be done in a split second.

Try this

Today, I promise you one thing: In the next 5 years, you will arrive at your destination.

The only thing I do not know is where you are going. There are only 2 destination options.

  • Option 1: In 5 years, you will arrive at a destination that YOU have designed.
  • Option 2: In 5 years, you will arrive at a destination that YOU HAVE NOT designed.

If you choose to design your future from today, you will arrive at the destination in the car you choose, in the clothes you choose, in the life you choose.

If you choose to let outside forces take care of your future, you may arrive at your destination in a car that you have not chosen, in clothes you do not like, in a life that does not interest you not.

Some people will never change because they love their personality.

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People are used to attaching themselves to everything, they are attached to their personality and their values. Why would a criminal let aside his criminal mindset to become a better person? Because he is attached to several links to crimes. He has a criminal mentality, criminal values, a criminal personality, a criminal look, criminal friends and maybe even a family of criminals. In the mind of this person, to change is to lose everything and go to the unknown. that is why some people never change their personality.

This can be painful for everyone, but sometimes the influence of our friends is too strong. It can prevent our transformation, and what’s worse than the fear of transformation and being alone. I would say that it is in adolescence that the influences of our friends are the strongest. As a teenager, our friends are everything for us. It is also very easy to be negatively influenced. Changing one’s social circle is one of the most difficult things to do in life, especially in adolescence.

Is it possible to convince an individual to change his/her behavior?

As part of my job, I study how behavior has formed. Because, in general, it is not a rational and conscious strategy on the part of the individual who adopted it. It is more often a habit. And asking someone to leave a habit is complicated because some people never change their habits. This change induces a chain of other changes in the set of habits, or even the entire way of life. But it’s not impossible … Changing collective behavior is even more complicated. But not impossible either!

How behavior works (Experiment)

I am going to tell you about an experiment conducted by a researcher in the United States, which is both funny and very enlightening on the functioning of people’s behavior.

The experiment is conducted on the street, at a red light for pedestrians and green for cars.

The first day, the researcher, dressed in jeans and a banal tee-shirt, stands in front of the people who wait and cross: 16% cross in his wake and brave the ban.

On the second day, he retires the experiment, this time dressed in a suit. And there, 50% cross in its wake!

On the third day, he is disguised as a tramp. And here, only 7% of through the following!

What should be deduced? That people decide what they do according to what others do, and who does what. The social status of the one who acts strongly influences the others. But this influence is made possible only in case of doubt, ambiguous situation.

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Is the gaze of others important in changing a behavior?

Yes, Most of us will always prefer to show a positive image of themselves by making a detour rather than giving a negative image by saving time. A study has shown that we behave well when we know someone is noticing. we don’t want to give him/her a bad impression of ourselves. This is favorable to modify someone.

Can fear lead to a change in behavior?

This is not a very effective spring, contrary to what we believe. When he is very afraid, the human being has a reflex: that of reducing his fear, of trying to deny it. To tell smokers that they are going to have cancer works so little. To campaign on the image of the smoker – yellowed fingers, bad breath, the smell of cold tobacco, ugly … – would have more impact. We do not want to be socially rejected. While a risk, even high, of dying within some years of cancer, seems to them a perspective fuzzy and distant …

I hope that now you understood why some people never change and what to do with your loved one and how you can help him/her in the society. comment below if you have such experience.

Some people never change their behaviour and will ( Tips & Facts)
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