We humans are the social animal and can’t live alone. To live with a society and gathering is in our nature. so. to live in society is not enough actually we need a disciplined, and justice in our community to deal with this list of social issues in Pakistan. Governments came and went away but none of them solved these problems. Societies stand for justice & it means each and everything right at its proper place but almost everyone faces injustice in every situation.

If the circumstance continues as before for some additional time, we will confront political agitation. So it is the need of great importance to save the country from the deplorable grasps of this hellish cursedness and put the country in the way of advance and prosperity.

list of social issues in pakistan

There are many problems but we will talk some of them

List of social issues in Pakistan

  1. Wife abuse & beating
  2. Lack of good education for third class
  3. Child labor
  4. Our police department
  5. We need more doctors in our hospitals, find details here
  6. International disturbance
  7. Women’s education

Very low present age of uneducated people in the third class is wife abuser. they just abuse her it does not matter that she made mistake or not. Sometimes they also like to beat her because they are husband so they can do anything whatever they want. is it? it’s time to stop this now because we have a list of social issues in Pakistan. So, how to stop? Educate your son and teach him how to respect a woman that’s it.

Education for everyone

No one can refuse the importance of education to bring change in society because it is a fundamental need of every growing community. I am not saying that Pakistan is very poor in education & in science. Our students are intelligent and there are a ton of inventions by Pakistanis but each student is not getting good knowledge and facilities to improve his self especially our third class. Government institutes have good and valuable teachers but we face the lack of discipline and control.

Child labor

When we talk about child labor, it means our poor people who can’t afford to school so they sent their innocent to work and earn for their siblings. Then this kind of children grows up how they can live a good life and be a part of educated people.

Our Police

who takes control of problems occur in society and responsible for keeping things correct. Alas! Our police department is being used by rich people. We need some bold steps to change our police. Read steps to change our police department for more about it

Why Are you living in silence?

If you are facing issues or you see any problem occur around you and you think to change things, Rise your voice. don’t live in silence where you have no value

List and causes of social issues in Pakistan. We Want Change 
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