This is the situation of our society, people who destroy our Holy Pakistan by their own way. Miss kinza Fatima sent us her job experience

I received a call from Mr. Col Rizwan and he said you are shortlisted for an interview and have to appear at given address. This ringed an alarm in my mind and i thought should i join this job in this residential area and before I could decide for myself, I received a message from the very CEO (Mr. Zeeshan Shamsi) of the company residing in Karachi, instating me being picked from a pool of nearly 700 candidates for the position, which gave me a push to appear in the interview. On the first day of my visit, all that I could find apart from myself was a 17 year boy, working there as a peon and the Col himself who interviewed me, followed by an interview with Mr. Shamsi which then led to my hiring in the company.

The secluded quite flat was a scary place and when I put my concern of providing a reasonably comfortable workplace, I was told that new female employees shall be hired nearly. I was directed to use my personal laptop for the official tasks. Plus, every morning after traveling for more than an hour till the location, I had to wait outside the office until they’d come and open the office because they thought that the peon being indulged into some unethical activities and couldn’t be trusted with the keys to the office all by himself. Mr. Col Rizwan had an absurd way of dealing on the professional front, which includes shouting and not clarifying the work in an appropriate way, plus the absence of any suitable tasks being given.

After a period of 20 days I was told that I wasn’t needed anymore in the office and that my dues for the term shall be cleared by the 10th of Nov’17; which didn’t happen and to be more exact, on me inquiring of my dues, the reply to me was “No Salary for you” followed by being blocked from the medium of contact. Lately, I came across another advertisement by them for more employees for the same designation, at

scam alert

That inspired me to write about what I have experienced with this company so that new people don’t fall prey to similar incidences. Moreover, Col Rizwan used to invite females employees in that office who stayed there after official working hours and were apparently dealing with defense procurement and other similar stuff which was kept confidential from everyone. I was too directed to keep my JD and status of employment confidential due to the multiple reasons of sensitivity. Please take the requisite action against such companies who are exploiting the need of unemployed people and wasting their time because it’s serious social issue. Also, please take into consideration the matter of hiring only females, given CDA has strict policies and rules over it.

My matter can steadily get me support via the labor laws, concerning the matter of not being paid my dues, the matter of not knowing as of why I wasn’t allowed to share my JD with anyone and of being made to work alone in there. This could have gotten worse into any shape, and I undoubtedly feel I have been safe given God’s mercy and the prayers of my mother. Please do what needs to be done before someone else’s safety is at stake.

Let’s talk about maternity

In article 37 of the Constitution of Holy Pakistan makes reference to maternity benefits for women in employment and in this period she is paid a salary by the company on the basis of her last pay. So it mean’s it’s a crime if someone does not pay when a woman doesn’t even work. what do you think about such criminal who don’t pay when a women work for them?

Scam Alert! Kinza Fatima No salary for you
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