Is the man or woman in your life ill, in hospital, or just had an operation? Looking for a lovely romantic get well soon text messages for loved ones to tell him or her that you are thinking of him or her in this difficult time. We offer you a small collection of messages full of love to send to your boyfriend or girlfriend to wish them a very good recovery!
Whether it’s a cute, poetic, Romantic get well soon text messages for loved ones, you will surely find the perfect one for your text message, email, or “get well” card.

The person you love will be moved by your message and it will put a little smile on their face and their heart.

To show even more that you care about him/her, don’t hesitate to have him/her deliver a beautiful bouquet of his / her favorite flowers with Romantic get well soon text messages for loved ones and cards.

Sometimes there is so much we feel, but so little we can say. Can I do more for you than wishing you strength?

Romantic get well soon text messages for loved ones

Professional get well soon message to client

Warm thoughts for my smart little pixie buried under his blanket. The disease will soon leave you so that I can replace it. I miss you.

My heart and love join me in wishing you a good recovery! When I think that you are sick and so far away from me … then I realize how much I love you and that I miss you. Heal quickly my darling.

I hope you will be up and running as quickly as possible … because when you are happy, I am happy. When you smile, I smile. When you are sick, I am alone! Get well quickly, I miss you.

My love for you is stronger than any virus or bacteria. Get well soon! In every fight of your life, big or small, I’ll be there for you! I love you!

When you’re sick … I’m sick too, in another way. So you see we’re in the same boat! My wish is that you get well soon so that we can be together again. I miss you!

If I were a magician, I would heal you with my special magic potion … but I am just your boyfriend who can heal you with sweet words, kisses, and smiles.

If kissing was medicine and hugging was a home remedy, trust me, I would be your nurse 24 hours a day! Recover quickly!

I arrive as soon as possible at your place to kiss you tenderly so that we will both be sick and we will be able to stay next to each other for days on end!

You are my Everything. Your health and happiness are therefore very important to me. Get well quickly, take care of yourself.

If you only knew how jealous I am of this flu !!! She manages to spend more time by your side than me !!

If this disease is your way of showing me how important you are in my life then … it’s done! I love you!

Your place is not in the hospital but in my heart. Your beautiful discussions are not made for the nurses but for my attentive ears. You don’t deserve meds … you deserve my love instead. Get well soon!

I know I can’t kiss you because of your flu, but I certainly won’t stop telling you how much I love you! Recover quickly!

Honey, please ask your doctor to prescribe medicine for two. Because honestly when you’re sick I feel like I’m about to get sick too! I love you

Our house has been so sad since you got sick. Until you feel better, I’ll be by your side to make you laugh. I love you.

My heart shattered into a thousand pieces when I heard you were sick. Every minute, every hour, every day that you heal a little more pieces of my heart are glued together.

Health is one of the most important things, so take the time to recover properly. You need to regain your strength and rest. Don’t think about anything else. I would even tell you to “take advantage” of this moment of calm, you who are so used to living at 100 miles an hour.

I don’t like to say that to you by text. I would so like to be by your side. But don’t forget that you are my best friend! I send you lots of kisses.

I hope that you are healing little by little and that you are doing better and better You know that I am here, and that you can count on me. Courage, I think of you very much.

I bring you my support in a moment which must be difficult for you. In some time things will improve you will see. At the end of the road, healing and recovery await you.

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Romantic get well soon messages

Sweet words for her to make her fall in love with you

There is nothing more annoying than when someone you care about is at home, for example, due to illness or surgery. Even if you want to spend a lot of time with your loved one, this will not always work. You can then choose romantic get well soon text messages for loved ones or send a card with a love poem or text to wish them well.

Make your choice below:

When your loved one is having a hard time, you can send him or her a card with your wishes for recovery. This way you have a personal way to let your loved one know that you are thinking about him or her. Cards to wish your loved one recovery or strength are fun to send and even more fun to receive!

View various poems and lyrics below to wish your loved one well;

Love poems get well soon:

  • Don’t be afraid my love
    I’ll guide you through the rough days
    Hold you when you need
    to Carry on one hand if you have to
    In my arms you’re safe
    I won’t tell your secrets
    And if I end up on the other side of the world
    Hoef you just call me
    Cause I’ll never let you down
    I’ll listen to you late into the night
    When you fall I’m there to catch you
    And kiss away your tears, very softly …


  • If looking ahead scares you
    and looking into the past hurts you,
    look next to you,
    I’ll always be there for you!


  • Our bond is indestructible,
    we stick together forever.
    If there was one wish to me,
    then I wish you may heal quickly.


  • Have some friendship and some fun,
    plus a glass of red wine
    And then you’ll see you’ll be back to normal

if you like these romantic get well soon text messages for loved ones then choose accordingly and send it to your lover

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