Psychological facts about human behavior
Psychological facts about human behavior by

Psychological facts about human behavior

You can memorialize 3 or 4 things at a time

Have you ever heard that he/she can remember many things at any given moment? Alan Baddeley is a British researcher who says that the right number of things we can memorialize is 3 to 4 things for around 20 seconds. They will then disappear from our memory unless we repeat remembering them again and again.


Somebody gives you a telephone number and you don’t have a pen to write so you repeat it again and again until you can dial or save it. By repeating the number, you are putting it in your short term memory which gets you an additional 20 seconds each time. Experts of decision making tell us that we can not choose to pick things more than 3 to 4. So if you are a seller on Amazon or eBay don’t display more than four products in a group.

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Food, Sex, and Danger

These three things that we don’t ignore and show our interest in any way. When we find these 3 scenes our brain function pay attention about it. Your brain inspects your condition and answers these inquiries: Can I eat it? Can I engage in sexual relations with it? Will it kill me? We cannot survive without food, and sex is a process to continue our species and the third question does not matter without first two so your brain always cares about it.

Obviously, you don’t need to respond when you do see these three things. You don’t need to eat a bit of that chocolate bar the minute you see it. You don’t need to play with someone you just met. You don’t need to focus on accident but you will see each one of those things whether you want or not.

Our brain is always aware of what is happening regarding these three critical situations. It means you can’t avoid seeing food, sexuality, or danger. Regardless of how hard you attempt to not see these three things in your environment,


It is totally wrong if you think that you can multitask because you are very good in doing things. Science has shown us that we can perform just one thing at one time. You can read or type. you can speak or you can be reading. If we talk about psychological facts about human behavior, Multitasking is impossible

Mental and physical task

Just in one case you can perform two task For example if you are walking you are using your phone and if you are exercising you are also listening to music. You cannot do 2 mental or physical tasks at one time but you can do both in same time

Some more facts

  • Research shows that people who have high levels of testosterone get pleasure from the anger of others in any situation
  • We behave better when we are being watched
  • People tend to trust appearance more than sincerity so attractive & honest person can easily be misleading
  • Boredom has a bright side and bored persons are often looking for ways to do interesting things as the entertainment bores them and does not bring meaning to their lives
  • We read faster with longer lines but prefer shorter
  • Mostly people text faster if it is some one they like or love
Psychological Facts About Human Behavior
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