A path that has an attraction for everyone is Islam. As a human being, we always search truth until we come to Islam. Here is some example of Pakistani celebrities who turned their busy Lollywood life into religious life.

Junaid Jamshaid

He started his music band in 2001 and left showbiz in 2004 when he was very famous in singing. He was leading Vital Sings a pop music band and then he left engineering and his music career to be an Islamic scholar. He leave us in a plane crash pk-661 in 7 December 2016 near Abbottabad.

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Junaid jamshaid

Farhan Ali Agha

A model and drama actor who worked in many series Farhan Ali let showbiz when he was famous in this field just for Islam.

Ali Afzal

Inspired by Ayaz Khan


Here you can see Ali Afzal talking about Deen-a-Islam

Ayaz Khan

he left showbiz as a comedian and actor. Now he preaches Islam with Ali Afzal.

ayaz khan

Urooj Nasir

An Actress and model who wear an abaya nowadays left showbiz at the peak of her career.

urooj nasir

Ajab Gull

He was connected to Pakistani TV as a director, producer, and actor. Ajab Gull leave this life and become religious life.

Sara Chaudhry

She worked in showbiz for 11 years as an actress and then she left it to be an Islamic scholar. She said in an interview that there were many problems she faced when she turned her life but here she is in Hijab.

sara shaudhary

Sara Chaudhry first video. Talking about her journey

Sataesh khan

she was a Model, actress, and singer. Sataesh khan said in an interview that she is not ashamed of her work but now she chose the right path.

sataesh khan

There are many other Pakistani celebrities like them but we covered some of them.
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Pakistani Celebrities Who Left Showbiz For The Seek Of Islam and Become Religious
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