Pakistan population by religion


In Pakistan, there are individuals of various religions, first of all, the lion’s share of which are Muslims as Islam is its state religion with the name of the “Islamic Republic of Pakistan”. After these Individuals having a place with Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, ahmadi and some different religions are also living in Pakistan. Last registration of Pakistan was made in 1998, albeit still next calculation is pending. The correct evaluation of the general Pakistan population by religion or of various religions can’t be considered without appropriate calculations, yet from various studies and reports populace of Pakistan by religion can be assessed. These reviews have been conveyed by various firms and associations by various strategies.

Pakistan Population by Religion

These are the religious population or you can say the accompanying religions are found in Pakistan.

  1. Islam/ Islamic Religion:

    Individuals having a place with Islam are called Muslims. These are the adherents of last Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW). There are around 95-98% Muslims of the aggregate populace of Pakistan (about 191.71 million). The Muslims then have diverse organizations among them including Sunni, and shia. Sunni Muslims and shia Muslims are then further separated in sub-factions. They are experiencing everywhere throughout the Pakistan.

  2. Hinduism Religion:

    After Islam, the second Individuals having a place with Hinduism are called Hindus. They are right around 1.6% of the aggregate populace of Pakistan. The greater part of Hindus are living in different provinces like in Sindh area they are around 93%, 8% in Punjab and 2% in Baluchistan of the aggregate populace of Hindus in Pakistan. Small numbers of Hindus are additionally living in different parts of Pakistan as well.

  3. Christianity Religion:

    After this, the third most well-known Individuals having a place with the Christianity are called Christians. They are making very nearly 1.5-1.59% of the aggregate populace of Pakistan. The vast majority of the Christians are living in Punjab. Secondly, huge figures of Christians are found in the region of Sindh plus extraordinarily in Karachi. A little portion is found in few other parts of the nation as well.

  4. ahmadiyya religion:

    0.22% – 2.2% population of Pakistan is Ahmadi.  They were pronounced non-Muslims in 1974 by the parliament of Pakistan as they don’t satisfy the meaning of being Muslim.

  5. Sikhism Religion:

    After this, the fifth religion which is found in Pakistan is the adherents of Sikhism which are not all that much in Pakistan but just almost around 20,000 to 25,000. Despite the fact of this their populace is expanded as numbers of Sikhs have relocated from Afghanistan to Pakistan as of late. In Nankana Sahib close Lahore the Shrine of “Master Nanak Dev”, where Sikhs visit from everywhere throughout the world.


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Final thoughts:

After this religion populace, it is clear to know that there are numerous different religions in Pakistan population by religion making a little division of including Buddhism, Judaism, Kalash, Zoroastrianism and Bahá’I as well.

What is Pakistan Population by Religion | Religious Population
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