Every nation of the world adopts a few signs or emblem’s, which they view as the representative of their nation’s characteristics. Pakistan has a few authority national images including an anthem, an emblem, a flag, and a memorial tower (Minar-e-Pakistan) etc. Each nation has its own national symbols, national legends and some different things known as national personality.

rHere is a list of national things and national symbols of Pakistan which were adopted at different moments of Pakistan

Father Of Pak Nation: Quaid E Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Muhammad ali jinnah

Mother of Pakistan: Fatima Jinnah with his brother Ali Jinnah

fatima jinnah and ali jinnah
Photo credit: junaidrao via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

National Animal of  Pakistan: Markhor

markhor, national animal of pakistan
Photo by Marie Hale



National Tower: Minar-E-Pakistan

The Minar-e-Pakistan a memorial tower which was built in 1968 on the place where the Lahore Resolution was passed.

Minar a Pakistan

Minar a Pakistan

lahore, Minar e Pakistan


Fruit: Mango

Pakistan national fruit mango

Vegetable: Lady Finger

national vegetable of pakistan

Sports: Hockey

national sports hockey


Color: White And Green

white and green photo
Photo by normanack

Religion: Islam

Pakistan national religion is Islam
Photo by menj
National Symbols Of Pakistan and Their Pictures
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