Extreme sports, it sometimes requires knowing how to unplug your brain! Our the most dangerous sports in the world is not based on the number of deaths each year but on the level of “craziness” in this extreme sports list that each sports demands. Here is our anthology of sports which, according to us, require especially a bit of madness …

No.15 Apnea

With a weight, without weight, with a balloon inflated with air, with fins or without fins, there are multiple disciplines of apnea, but the goal is always the same: stay as long as possible underwater without breathing, while going down the deepest possible! But why inflict such an ordeal? Probably because they are passionate and …. certainly a little crazy!

Apnea sport and diving

No.14 MMA

The Mixed Martial Arts is a fighting sport developed in the 90s where two opponents compete in an octagon. the MMA is authorized in the United States or the United Kingdom. The blows are very violent although MMA officials often insist on the low number of injuries in the discipline.

In Pakistan, mixed martial art was created by Bashir Ahmad in December 2007, women can participate.

No.13 Diving

Every year approximately 100 people die in North America while diving and another 100 die in the rest of the world. In this case, the climatic conditions play a crucial role (thunderstorms, rising waters …). Non-compliance with safety instructions is an aggravating factor (flags …). If you are in poor physical condition, it is strongly discouraged to indulge in a sport such as diving.


scuba diving, under water

No.12 Surfing

There are many ways to practice surfing without putting yourself in any danger. However, it is also possible to gather a lot of ‘aggravating’ factors to make it a rather extreme sport, for example, a reef that is outcropping, some sharks, waves of several meters high.

Below, the surfer Bobby Okvist flies out of the wave! Do not think about landing …

No.11 Ice Climbing

it is difficult to imagine trusting a piece of ice that can choose to come off at any moment!

Is this piece of ice securely hooked? Better not to ask too much.

ice climbing, the most dangerous sports in the world


No.10 Base jump

Base jump, extreme sports par excellence? No need to draw a picture for you to understand that the base jump has its place in our ranking of the most dangerous sports in the world … It is enough that you are told 3 things:
1) Choose a place a little high but not too much
2) Jump into the void
3) Wait as long as possible before opening your parachute!

No. 9 Walking on the high wire

Sometimes you have support and sometimes you don’t have in the form of a rope that doesn’t let to fall to the earth.

Philippe Petit is a French high-altitude tightrope artist who became famous for performing high-altitude tightrope walks between the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center in New York City on the morning of August 7, 1974.

No.8 Downhill DH (Downhill)

Cycling downhill, mountain bike competition is one of the most dangerous sports in the world. It has been described as the most intense way for mountain bikes to ride.

Unlike other cycling sports, the downhill competitions are less frequent, and they are combinations of fast and slow technologies. They are mainly skillful and gutsy.

Imagine riding a bicycle at a speed of 50-80 kilometers per hour, or even higher, and quickly gliding, jumping, and soaring on complex and varied mountain roads. With the aid of a car’s cornering to increase the speed of the gliding down, the risk factor is definitely no better than F-1

No.7 Speed Racer

The thrill of speed is unparalleled, but there is a potentially fatal danger behind it. Take the fastest F1 racing car as an example. According to incomplete statistics, this event has already caused 224 deaths.

In addition, the drivers are in great danger, even the audience sitting on the sidelines is sometimes unavoidable.

So taking F1 as an example, the rider of this sport has been recognized as “one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

speed racer car

No.6 Downhill skiing

Downhill skiing, also known as alpine skiing, originated in the Alpine region and is one of the closest to dangerous sports.

In 1936, downhill skiing officially became an Olympic project. The project is extremely challenging. In the world’s top downhill skiing competition, people often see the scene of people looking up and turning.

Although downhill skiing seems to be very exciting, the subsequent risks and costs will often result in broken arms and even a life threat. Therefore, if you want to challenge this extreme sports, we advise you to think twice.

downhill skiing

No.5 Scrambling

Motocross is a motorcycle model used in an enclosed off-road circuit held in an all-terrain vehicle race. The sport is based in the United Kingdom and can be traced back to the British Scrambling.

This race is known as the world’s most strenuous, spectacular and dangerous racing game. The average speed of the car exceeds 200km/h and the maximum speed exceeds 330km/h.

Although more than 250 people have died in car accidents in the race so far, they still attract the world’s best motorcycle warriors.

No.4 Parkour is one of the most dangerous sports

Parkour began in France in the late 1980s and was known as the “Street Scamper Movement.”

Parkour is based on the environment of daily life as a sports venue, relying on its own physical ability to quickly, effectively, and reliably control the sports art of any known and unknown environment.

It is also a philosophy for exploring the potential of humans to stimulate the limits of the body and mind.

Although Parkour is “cool”, but the runners often shuttle between the high cliffs. Therefore, the serious injuries and death caused by the danger of parkour can be imagined.

No.3 Wingsuit Flying

Wing-mounted flying is a kind of human flying sport that uses special parachuting equipment ( wings). In terms of appearance, it does satisfy the desire of people to use the body to fly because some people never change their habits. The winged pilots leaped down from high altitude, seeking the ultimate pleasure of flying and falling freely.

In fact, the most attractive place for Wing-Flight is not how fast you fly, but the sense of excitement that you have to take from the risk that you will fall into the mud.

Wing flying is widely considered one of the most dangerous sports in the world. Currently, there are only about 600 winged flight athletes worldwide. In Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, known as the winged place of flying, 28 people have died in this sport.

On the afternoon of September 24, 2011, American Jeb Corliss, who was described as “the most powerful contemporary adventure sportsman,” crossed the narrow Tianmen Cave in Tianmenshan, Zhangjiajie, and completed the most difficult unpowered flight in history.

No.2 Bungee Jumping

The bungee originated in the Vanuatu archipelago and is a celebration of the youth. For those who are keen on this “death game,” they need good luck in addition to a strong heart.

When a bungee jumps, people use a rubber rope to hold the body and jump down from a height. The rubber rope stretches to make people bounce up before landing. In this up and down oscillation, players can experience great stimuli.

Although Bungee did a lot to ensure safety, it was still dangerous. Excessive stimulation can also lead to acute cardiovascular disease. Therefore, operators will require participants to sign disclaimers on the risk of death and injury, so that participants can understand and take risks and consequences that may arise.

No.1 Free Rock Climbing

Climbing freehand is an outdoor extreme sport that originated in Europe.

People do not use any auxiliary tools nor any protective measures to carry out rock climbing. They use natural handles such as cracks, caves, and protrusions on rocks to climb steep rock walls that is why climbing is no one in extreme sports list. Rock climbing people’s physical fitness, guts, body coordination, flexibility requirements are very high.

At the same time, free climbing is also a great challenge to the challenger’s who are psychologically good and a fun thing for them. Due to the great danger of free climbing, it is listed as the most dangerous sports in the world.

mountain climbing

Although people always say that the life that they dare to take risks is not a matter of life.

But to play these most dangerous sports, All must have professional training.

And you? Do you practice one of the most dangerous sports in the world? let me know your list of top 10.

The Most Dangerous Sports in The World (Extreme sports list of top 15)
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