Take a look at some new & latest inventions by Pakistanis in science, music, medical. Inventions that tell Pakistanis are the genius and we have proved it to the world. Here are some of them.

Brain & chip connection

brain chip implement

A biomedical engineer Dr. Naweed Syed invent a silicon chip that connects with brain cells. This invention can help to integrate computers with the human brains to monitor and diagnose brain issues like memory loss etc.

Ommaya Reservoir

Ommaya reservoir

With the help of this technique, chemicals can be injected into the patient brain to cure tumors. By Pakistani neurosurgeon Ayub K. Ommaya who gives his own name as Ommaya Reservoir.

Community Sanitation

Community Sanitation

A Pakistani Professor Sohail Khan with the team of Loughborough university designed a lavatory that converts human waste into biological charcoal. this can be used to clean water

Plastic Magnet by Naveed Zaidi

Naveed Zaidi, a physicist and polymer researcher, invented a plastic magnet at room temperature in 2004. It can be used as a part of PC hardware, for example, in plate drives and in restorative gadgets like pacemakers and cochlear embeds as they are more bio-compatible than their metallic counterpart

Oxygen supply with specialized endotracheal tube by Amjad Hussain

endotracheal tube

A specific endotracheal tube that is invented by a Pakistani specialist from Peshawar Sayed Amjad Hussain, for oxygen supply during fiberoptic bronchoscopy in cognizant patients.Amjad Hussain also invented a pleuroperitoneal shunt.

Sagar Veena, invented by Raza Kazim at the Sanjan Nagar Institute, Lahore.

sagar Veena

It is a one of a kind outline with an unmatched scope of timbres and pitch registers. The sound has a to a great degree high reverberating quality and the instrument gives craftsmen a broad palette of sounds to bring out human feeling. There is not at all like established music joined by the music from the Sagar Veena!

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You will feel proud: Mind blowing inventions by Pakistanis
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