Indeed, even it is unbelievable to touch non-Halal items (very impermissible by Islam), particularly meat and different wares, 90 percent individuals are unnoticeably eating and utilizing Haram items trusting them as Halal in the length and broadness of the nation.

In a stark disclosures secretively spilled by Pakistan Halal Products Development Board, Punjab Halal Development Authority (PHDA), Pakistan (PSQCA), (PNAC), poor masses don’t comprehend what they have been expanding for the sake of Halal that has really been nothing to do with even Muslim dietary law revered in the 1973 Constitution.

A rundown of 23 taboo eatables have been presented According to points of interest, Pakistanis are uninformed of 23 prohibited eatables which have been recorded by Ministry of Science and Technology

The warning around 23 haram food products which was issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the items’ names are recorded beneath:

haram food products

 haram foods with halal and haram food codes

List of Haram Food Products:

  1. Bubblicious
  2. Ragu
  3. Pascual Yogikids
  4. Chupa Bubble
  5. Rice Chicken Broccoli
  6. Jell-O
  7. Pasta Chicken Broccoli
  8. Chicken Tonight
  9. Skittles Fruits
  10. Skittles Fruits Jar
  11. Picnic Chicken
  12. Skittles Fruit 15p
  13. Chicken Soup
  14. Slim a Soup
  15. Yupi Fruit Cocktails
  16. Cup a Soup
  17. Gummi Pizza
  18. Yupi Footballs
  19. Heinz Dinner Chicken
  20. Strawberry Leaf
  21. Pop Tarts
  22. Tulip Chicken
  23. Pasta Creamy Chicken


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The things, as indicated by the service’s information, contain fixings like white and red wine, gelatine and E120 (creature based nourishment shading). A portion of the nourishment things containing chicken has been put in the rundown because of “questions” about the “butchering instrument” since “dazzling is disallowed” in Islam. Some different items have been set in the rundown because of the absence of “legitimate source or traceability to discover the Halal/Haram status“.

A draft of the bill looking for the foundation of the expert has been sent to the bureau and the Council of Common Interests for endorsement, after which the service will be in a position to guarantee that edibles containing Haram fixings are not sold in the nation.

The individuals were informed that the service expected to see the foundation of the Pakistan Halal expert through a demonstration of parliament to advance imports and send out and between common exchange and trade in Halal things and procedures.


Be that as it may, the incongruity of the truth of the matter is that over half of the famous edibles expended in Pakistan are coming through snuck channels which don’t conform to the Halal SOPs of the nation. The absence of mindfulness among customers and sheer obliviousness with respect to specialists permit these non-halal / haram food products to be sold in parallel to the privately made flavors.

List of 23 Food Products declared as Haram by Pakistan Ministry of Science
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