When ever you get injured or mistakenly cut your self you may want to use a band aid. This is very annoying when you remove plaster from your finger. It leaves a gray color on your finger that really hurts. It’s because of plaster size that we use in a wrong way.



A Japanese found a good way of how to use plaster in right way. This cut provides a better fit on your finger. there are many designs of plaster available in Est country. This simple life hack and plaster “wrap” idea by @ponzuyo’s has become viral via internet

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band aid plaster dailymail

Japanese Twitter user @ponzuyu shared the diagram that is explaining how to use plaster in order to get rid of the pain. it is a good way to use it and it will never leave any color on your finger


Using a bandage protects us from the wound and scab from friction, bacteria, dirt, and damage. But the healing process of any cut is a little bit disturbing. The main purpose of it is to hold the two cut ends of the skin together to recover it faster

Life Hack: Best way to use a Band-Aid by Japanese twitter user
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