Lahore City (لہور) is a capital city of Punjab Pakistan. it is second populous and the biggest city of Pakistan. after Karachi, and the 32nd populous urban city in the world. Lahore is located in the northeast part of Punjab (near the border with india) and it ranked as a world city. Take a look & lets Lahori tonight

Have you ever heard the sentence while visiting Lahore tourist attractions places” Jinhe Lahore ni vekhya Oh Jamiya hi nahi”? Well! It is a Punjabi term that means “He who hasn’t seen Lahore is not born yet”. Wondering why would anybody say that? To be honest, it is true for the reason that Lahore is the city of charm, love, beauty, wonders and wonderful people. It is the city with best Punjabi foods and the people who wholly depict the Punjabi culture by their ways of life. Here are few reasons for which you must not miss on paying a visit to this bewitching city.

 lahore tourist attractions
Lahore is the sec biggest city of Pakistan

Lahore tourist attractions places

It’s Historical Places:

Lahore is filled with a great number of historical places from Mughal, Sikh and British Era. If you are fond of exploring historical places then you won’t find any other place as good as Lahore in this regard. These historical places include Badshahi Masjid, Lahore Fort, Sheesh Mahal and Shalimar Bagh.

Badshahi Masjid

Badshahi Mosque (بادشاھی مسجد) or imperial Mosque was built in 1671 by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in Lahore city. The Badshahi Masque is located west of Lahore Fort.

Badsha Mosque

Badsha Mosque

Food of Lahore City:

If you are a food lover and love checking on different foods and tastes then Lahore city is a place that you should never miss. You can find almost all Punjabi foods at the two food streets of Lahore. This is not enough, you can find the Chinese, Thai, Arabian, Lebanese and many such cuisines at Lahore as well. So, don’t miss Lahore for that would cause you to do an enmity with your tummy.

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Lahori People:

People of the biggest city of Pakistan are truly lovely and fun loving. You won’t find people as lovely, jolly and lively as Lahoris or Desi people of Lahore city Pakistan. Here people are very social and caring especially for foreigners. They just love to guide or talk with them.


why Lahore is a famous city

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It’ Greenery:

Though it is a plain area but it is filled with greenery. There is no such place at Lahore where you find no greenery. So, if you love plants then you must visit this city.

The Lahore City Canal:

Well! The Lahore Canal is brown but the road at the side of that and enchanting look of the trees at the bank of this canal is totally mesmerizing and worth seeing. We would recommend you do not miss this sight if you are the nature lover.

It’s good educational Institutions:

Lahore is famous for its unmatched institutions like Punjab university.  These institutions offer courses and degrees from fashion to engineering and from medical to law. If you love to study then you can take admission in any of the fine educational institutions of Lahore and shape your career.

It’s Safari Park:

Like all other wildlife parks of the world, you can find almost all the wild animals roaming free in the area. Do visit this park to have a thrilling experience.

The Beauty of Lahore city Pakistan, Reasons to visit Lahore Punjab
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