In spite of the fact that Pakistan is rich in assets however there are numerous issues confronted by Pakistan since freedom and have experienced an assortment of crisis. Theseproblems could without much of a stretch be illuminated yet because of the absence of consideration from our legislature these issues are rising step by step.


Destitution rate has expanded 30% to 40% amid the previous ten years. It implies that around 40% of Pakistani populace needs even the fundamental needs of life, for example, nourishment, protect and so on. The arrangement of these issues confronted by Pakistan ought to have been on our administration’s needing list.


Tragically about portion of the Pakistani populace is ignorant and this rate is required to expand a great deal in future. Government ought to focus towards this problem in light of the fact that a nation cannot advance without giving essential training to its kin.


Our nation is confronting serious wellbeing emergency. The rate of maladies among poor families is expanding recognizably. Government ought to pay a regard to this life undermining issue and manufacture new hospitals and work for the improvement of the current ones. The initial step to determine this issue is to make essential attention to wellbeing and nourishment.


Pakistan is experiencing a deadly issue known as debasement. Rather than dispensing with this our pioneers itself are included in it. We have to expel debasement from its root in the event that we need our nation to advance.

 SECURITY Problems:

Today in Pakistan, there is no security of our lives. We ceaselessly live under the danger of getting executed in an impact or by an objective executioner. While going out, individuals are not certain whether they will return securely or not. Our rulers ought to make our nation secure for a typical man with the goal that he carries on with his life calmly.



Living in a nation where not by any means essential rights are given to individuals sucks. Our rulers ought to put some effort to give the fundamental human rights to all individuals.


Unemployment is another real problem which must be considered by the legislature. As indicated by a review around 5% of our populace is unemployed. Unemployment offers ascend to numerous other real issues, for example, absence of education and destitution.


Another current issue of Pakistan is load shedding. This circumstance is because of absence of power. So as opposed to building streets and fly over’s, government ought to first form new dams and turbines for the era of power.


Countless exiles are remaining in Pakistan. They live in ghettos and have no employments. Along these lines they are expanding destitution and unemployment rate in our nation. Government ought to furnish these individuals with the chance to work and to include in the improvement of the nation. Additionally the administration ought to assess its political ramifications.

What are current Issues of pakistan
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