Islam is a religion of peace & lightens up in the dark era when there were no rights for human beings, daughters were burnt, the humiliation of lives was on the peak. So Allah SWT send The Holy Prophet Mohammad PBUH as a light of guidance for everyone with the religion of Muslimism. He continued to preach its teachings. The basic root of Islam is to have belief in ALLAH And Its Unity. There is nobody worthy of worship except Allah and Mohammad PBUH is the last messenger of Allah.

Following five main pillars of Islam and by simply following the way of Prophet Mohammad PBUH can lead us to live in a better way. These are the basic door steps to enter in Islamism. Our religion guides us in every aspect of life and tells us about the principles of life. Only in this way we can lead our way to Jannah which is promised by Allah for every Muslim who lives accordingly.
Islam is being the fastest growing religion around the globe exhorts us to help those people who are in trouble. These teachings of Allah are being followed nowadays by the non-Muslims to set a goal in their life and to get rid of mental illness.

Many countries teach and take guidance from Islam like governance rules by Hazrat Umar R.A.


islam is a religion of peace
Islam is a religion of peace

How can Muslims spread terror? Islam is a religion of peace, not terrorism. Our religion guides us to be patient and merciful to mankind. Islam and its teachings are based on peace. Our preacher Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW) taught us that:

Allah will not give mercy to anyone, except those
who give mercy to other creatures.

Another example is a saying of Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAWW)

Kindness is a mark of faith, and whoever is not kind
has no faith.

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What islamophobia actually is?

It’s basically the hatred created among the peoples and creating wrong impacts of Islamism and Muslim. Directly endorsing wrong obligations on Muslims. It came on peak after the terrorist attack on the world. Despite all such negativity other religions are failed to develop peace, humanity, love, justice and tolerance in their societies, peoples are distracting and getting attracted towards the positivity and teachings of Muhammad


Unfortunately, terrorism is nowadays deliberately being associated with Islam. Hence it has no attachment to Muslims and their pure religion. Even though Islam is the first religion that gives rights to the everyone to live freely and spend their lives accordingly. Allah teaches us that small acts of kindness can be very contagious to us even if being kind with the strangers whom we met.


“I believe in a Religion that Rewards its Believers simply for Smiling”



It’s been proved that every pious word written in The Holy Qur’an has its spiritual impact on human behavior positively. Recent researches are showing that many Muslim doctors are treating their patients with Quranic Verses. It’s believed that listening or reciting  “Surah Ar-Rahman” can cure cancer of any stage. It has the positive impact on the cardiological system.


islam is a religion of peace, not terrorism

Islam and its teachings are the complete guidance of living our lives happily. Every small aspect and big mysteries of life are being told to us 1400 years ago in our noble book of guidance The Holy Quran.


Recent research shows that Islam is on the rise worldwide, and if this increase in rate continues and it will rise like current demographics, Islamization will not only outnumber Christianity by the end of this century, but they will also become the fastest growing religion and group worldwide by the end of 2050.


By 2010, Muslims were approximately 25 percent of the world’s population and, largely because of high birth rates, will by the year 2050. Some non-Muslims countries will be greatly affected by islamophobia includes India, it is also expected to surpass Indonesia in having the largest Muslim population, and the same scenario can be seen for Muslims in the United States. They will outnumber Jews.


science and islam

Muslimism covers everything and every field of life. Everything that has been experimenting by scientists nowadays, we’re being told 1400 years before in The Holy Qur’an. The modern era is taking advantage from The Qur’an. Islam and its teachings are itself a token of blessings from The Almighty Allah SWT.


Every single word of The Holy Qur’an has radiations which are of different ranges. Muslim Ulema is nowadays treating patients with anxiety and depression. In a recent research, a group of patients having depression was given music to listen and the others are prepared to listen to Surah Rahman. The group listening Quran was feeling relaxed and contented.

It’s been written in Qur’an that every disease was sent down on earth with its cure. We just have to find the right way.


hijab photo
Photo by Haifeez

The only religion which gives rights to the women. It teaches us to treat the women gently and politely and say that Jannah is under your mother’s feet. This is the main reason why non-Muslims in America are converting their beliefs to Muslimism as per the recent thesis Islam is the Fastest Growing Religion, which is set to outpace Christianity.


Increase in crime rate, racial differences and the distribution of unnecessary rights to the adults bring destruction to the Europe. Women aren’t safe in European countries. Islamism teaches women to cover themselves. In this way, they can protect themselves from the lustrous evil eyes. It’s a common fact that only a person wearing modestly knows how to move in society. But it’s not true, women of today are aware enough to pave their ways.

women rights and hijab
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May Allah SWT guides us to follow Religion of peace Islam Ameen!!

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