The importance of education in society is for everyone and everywhere. If you are not well educated you can’t get a good job, rich living style, good behavior, mental strength and so on. It all comes from a good business or job so it’s require that you have a good educational background. If you are educated you can better analyze situations and how to improve abilities and lifestyle. Here are some interesting examples to understand. Have you ever observed a Hen with her charming little chickens searching something to eat on the ground, Here is an interesting fact to notice that The same Hen and her mate will still search on the ground even if they are provided food. Actually, The hen is teaching chicks how to find food. This thing is necessary for the survival of the chickens even when she cannot be with them. Same thing goes with Lions and the Sparrows and the Ants. Some animals & insects also teach their child how to find your direction if you are lost.

Importance of education


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Importance of Education in Nation Building

Education creates people who analyze their mistakes and talk about national issues and gives a solution. This middle class( teachers, doctors. enginers) help to improve society, spread awareness and provide information. This class is very important to build a strong and educational nation
because they help in the development of the nation by improving our social, cultural, spiritual, economic and educational system. Nation building requires many changes but one thing that is very important is yourself. And education teaches us how to bring change in our self to bring change in nation and society.

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Functions of education in society

Social change

A child born and lives in society then social environment developed the personality of the child. maybe In future, that child becomes your president. so what kind of president you want is in your hand. Your president comes from your society and if you have a valuable education system and social environment, the president will be a nice person. A good leader comes when he participates in all social, educational, political, and religious events to understand his society.


We have great thinking power, knowledge and we try our best to adjust in our community through education.

To bring change in bad customs

An educated person can better understand that we need a change in our customs. Here is an example of foot binding in China. It was a trend and custom in China to bound feet of women to keep control on them but in 1895 people changed their thoughts and they run an anti-foot binding campaign to bring change in their customs. Read more about food binding in china

Talking about Equality

Here are many kinds of people lives in Pakistan with many religion, caste, color, and sex but Islam talk about equality. If people are not educated how they can talk about equality to give the same opportunity to every one.

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