A hemorrhoid is a disease which occurs painlessly in the anal areas. Bleeding starts suddenly through the anal cavity, and it also affects the bowel movement. There are internal as well as external hemorrhoids, and in both cases, one may feel severe pain while using the washroom. In case one suffers from constipation the force to move the stool also creates the tissues bleed and hence one may have to suffer from a terrible health condition. This is one of the problems teens face because this can happen to any one young, old or a child.

How to treat hemorrhoids at home fast
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How to treat hemorrhoids at home fast

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is the best antiseptic and anti-inflammatory source where one can easily get the advantages of using it. The patients who have hemorrhoids will have swelling and itching. To avoid that one can use tea tree oil on the affected areas. It gives a minty tingling sensation when applied and like a mint flavor in the smell. It prevents the painful area from further getting hurt or affected.  Just apply a few drops of tea tree oil on the place where you feel hurt.

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Epsom salts and glycerin

If a patient is suffering from painful hemorrhoids, then one can use this salt and glycerin on the painful areas. Take 2 spoons of Epsom salt and mix with 2 spoons of glycerin. Leave the mixture on the gauze pad for few minutes and place it on the burning part. Keep the mixture in the concerned place for 20 minutes and repeat the same procedure every 8 hours until your pain is gone. One must eat a lot of fiber when they are affected by hemorrhoids.

Lemon juice

How to treat hemorrhoids at home fast
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Lemon juice should not be applied or used in because they may cause a tingling sensation. But, lemon juice can be used for consumption. It works internally and has a lot of benefits that any other vitamin C rich fruit. One can start drinking lime juice daily in a regular interval for getting rid of unwanted bacteria in your body.

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Ice cubes

Ice cubes are a good source of antiseptic properties. When a person is affected by hemorrhoids, apply ice cubes on that place to ease the itching and pain. Ice cubes treatment will temporarily heal the burn. Wrap 3 or 4 ice cubes in a towel and start keeping them in the affected areas. The chillness must be good enough with a tolerable pain.

Almond oil

Almond oil is something which will help you get rid of illness when you apply. Take 2 or 3 drops of almond oil and apply on the zone where you feel discomfort. Keep applying every 4 hours, and it will ease the burning. Wear loose clothes when applying almond oil and consume a lot of water for the home remedies to show fruition.

How to treat hemorrhoids at home naturally and fast homemade remedies
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