staying with a cheater, why do women cheat
why do women cheat, by JohnnyLCY

Are you staying with a cheater?

Here are some questions you need to ask your self if you are staying with a cheater.

Your partner is well-educated or not?

Is he open-minded?

Does he believe in the equal share of mistakes for both husband/wife?

Staying with a cheater is not a way to live happily. do you know what happens in such situations? Normally Divorce or murder the lover of wife and if caught together in the act, kill both and get arrested for attending murder and get sentenced to death by law of Pakistan, And all these are worst case scenarios,

Why do women cheat?

Every Pakistani should be mature. and find a mistake you have done with your partner that is the reason she is going away from you. it might be your mix-up/mistake (ignorance) or may she is not getting attention from your side. after all, she is a human being and can make mistakes as you (Man) do. what do you expect from your wife if she discovered you with somebody?

All am saying is find out that mistake and solve that issue that is breaking your relationship. you can also ask her what she wants. may be she is not happy with you.

Can you just imagine a girl having mental stress? want to murder herself. because no one supports her. what does a girl need? it’s you as a husband, brother, or dad.

If the husband is a typical uneducated man who has no knowledge of human ethics and doesn’t believe in equality. in this case, there are 6 things that can happen

  1. He will beat & torture her wife
  2. Possibly murder her and her ex-lover
  3. Gets some sort of revenge by sleeping with  sl*ts
  4. May hang/shoot himself (possibly along with his mate)
  5. Maybe he will burn face to the bone by acid throwing ( mostly happen in India )
  6. I don’t know, for this category the men can do a ton lot of unexpected and horrible things.

 What you should do

Talks about children

If you have children talk to her and ask what she wants and what will be the future of your children, where they will stay if she wants to take the children with her does his boyfriend will accept them too? if not tell her that you are not leaving your kids with her

Give her divorce if there is no option and you both can’t live happily

After knowing such a hurting thing from his life partner, the men can get deeply hurt and depressed by this relationship. And he might lose respect for her mate he decides not to spend his life together. Without mutual respect and trust, a relationship cannot carry forward for a long time.

So husband should ask her if she wants to divorce and especially what went wrong, if she tells you the reason of going her away from you, ask for second chance to make all these things correct, but if she doesn’t want to live with you simply divorce and take the kids because she can’t be happy with you.


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