How to pray istikhara step by step for anything (with dua)

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  1. kinza fatiuma says:

    very well.., you are right we should not pay people for it
    if you have to give money to anyone for this. they are fake people just leave them and do it on your own.,
    thank you

  2. wajahat says:

    yes i have seen many people offer this and they charge for it. don’t go to such people plz

  3. Umeruqiya says:

    You said، In second Rakah Read Surah Al kafiroon ?
    حدیث کے الفاظ ہیں؟

  4. Quzaib says:

    yes. those are fake people

  1. November 20, 2017

    […] Read: How to pray istikhara step by step […]

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