People often ask about the best foods for weight loss and how to lose weight naturally. The answer is very simple: Eat nutritious food, in the proper amounts, at the right time. This is very difficult to do in our fast-paced society. But properly nourishing your body is the key to increased energy, reduced body fat, a healthier look, and an elevated immune system.

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How to lose weight naturally by adding best foods for weight loss in you diet


1 bowl of white rice contains about 160 kcal of heat, while each banana contains only 80 to 100 kcal. If bananas for each meal instead of a bowl of rice, you can achieve the effect of weight loss, because this method can reduce the body to absorb 200 to 300 kcal per day calories. In addition, bananas make people feel full stomach, but also rich in calcium and vitamins, to eliminate edema phenomenon.

Matters needing attention: Use this method to pay attention to the choice of side dishes should be nutritionally high and low calorie foods better.


This weight-loss method is very simple, just 3 days to eat apples and drink mineral water, other food will not eat, the average loss of 3 to 5 kg per cycle. Apple itself contains a lot of food fiber, can help to eliminate stool, and its potassium diuretic effect, allowing the body with the waste residue of urine excreted the cosmetic effect.

How to lose weight naturally with best foods for weight loss

Note: An apple about 100 kcal of heat, although the unlimited use of three days to eat apples, but most people eat only up to 2 to 3 at most. In addition, within 3 days after the implementation of this weight loss method, only light, digestible foods such as porridge or vegetables should be allowed to slowly adapt to the body; otherwise, after excessive starvation, the gastrointestinal tract will absorb excessively when exposed to high-calorie foods Calories, not only increase the stomach burden but also make the body fatter than before.

Weight loss diet slimming method

Diet food is a kind of “conservatory” shrub, native to Southeast Asia, shaped like asparagus. It is said that eating a few pounds to lose weight can lose a few kilograms of food.

Matters needing attention: diet food because of containing plant alkaloids, eating will cause insomnia, tension, rapid heartbeat, breathing difficulties and other side effects, severe cases can lead to pulmonary failure.


Since ancient times, aloe vera has the “unsurpassed doctor” signature, which has the function of laxatives. Excess consumption can cause diarrhea. When it is given in moderation, aloe vera can help to drain the accumulated body waste and reduce body weight. Aloe vera skin transparent section of the fruit has a strong immune system, in addition, to contain smooth pectin blood circulation of pectin (pectin) components, but also can improve constipation, the skin smooth and soft.

Matters needing attention: Aloe vera 3 to 5cm long enough, however, the components always vary. But there must be perseverance habits will gradually effect.

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Vegetable soup slimming method

Add any type of vegetables to 3 times the amount of water, boil water and simmer for 1 hour. The vegetable soup contains a large amount of water-bathing dietary fiber that can treat constipation and help expel excess moisture and waste from the body. The minerals dissolved in the soup also have many benefits to the body.

Note: In the soup, but also can eat soup vegetables, because they contain a very small amount of calories.

Pineapple slimming method

Pineapple contains enzymes that break down proteins, which damage the oral membranes and cause stinging in the mouth. If you overcome this obstacle and stay for 1 week, use pineapples as the staple food for one of the three meals without eating other foods, Then you can reduce 2 to 3 kg of body weight.

Note: pineapple enzymes will damage the oral cavity membrane, and only eat pineapple or nutritionally imbalance, before proceeding, we must carefully consider.



A 120 gram tomato has about 30 kilocalories, 95 grams of water, 1.5 grams of protein, 0.3 grams of fat, 6.3 grams of carbohydrates, 1.4 grams of fiber, and plenty of calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E, lycopene and so on, although the tomato itself does not directly lose weight, but the characteristics of low card high fiber detoxification, eat to belly, thus avoiding the opportunity to eat other high card food, indirect To lose weight purpose. One day only eats a tomato, cooking less oil, less salt, and less sugar, each meal can only be a fruit hungry. People who have stomach should not always eat tomatoes, so as not to cause excessive gastric acid secretion, causing discomfort. There are immature tomatoes with the tomato base, can cause dizziness or nausea and other issues, not edible.

Note: Although this method is viable, the tomato itself is mostly composed of water, in addition to vitamin C, there are not many nutrients, so the remaining meals outside the tomato meal should pay attention to the nutritional content.


Barley is one of the best foods for weight loss and it has a diuretic, diuresis effect, but also rich in fiber, drink 7 to 8 cups of barley tea a day, or eat barley rice, barley porridge and other barley dishes cooked to help burn fat

Note: relying on eating barley diet alone is difficult to have the significant effect, must be with diet and weight, and continue to do regular exercise, in order to achieve the effect of weight loss.

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Korean kimchi

Eating spicy kimchi makes the body easy to heat because the kimchi inside the pepper can increase metabolism, and pepper can inhibit appetite, so the best choice to eat kimchi before meals, as the weight may be determined according to personal preference.

Note: Because Korean kimchi is very spicy, so poor stomach should not use this.

So these are some best foods for weight loss and are very helpful also recommended by doctors. Now let’s move on.

A Safer Way To Diet And Fat Burning Tips

Losing weight has always been a struggle for many. Statistics show that almost half of the American population is already overweight. In a few years to come, another 10% will become obese. That’s why the weight loss industry is getting bigger and bigger as a big chunk of the population relies on just about any weight loss diets, formulas and remedies. There is no such thing as a lose-weight-fast formula but yes you can struggle on how to lose weight naturally. Quick weight loss tips are almost nonexistent and ineffective. All you need is dedication, hard work and consistency. To help you with your weight loss dilemma, we have outlined the best weight loss tips that will truly bring out the best in you.

Check out these tips now

Drink plenty of water and other healthy beverages.

Drinking lots of water will not only rehydrate your body and make your skin look youthful; it will also give you a feeling of having a full stomach. The body cannot differentiate hunger from thirst thus drinking a glass of water or any other calorie-free beverage will fend off your body from consuming solid food which may inevitably contain unhealthy fats. Green tea is also another healthy beverage that you can use as substitute for water. It contains antioxidants that reverse aging and prevents cancer and a fat burning substance that also reduces the risks of getting a heart attack due to high cholesterol.

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Do not entertain distractions when you are having a meal.

According to studies, eating while being on the phone or watching TV can increase your food and calorie consumption to a whopping 40%. Do not allow yourself to get distracted from finishing your meal early. When you are watching TV for instance, you tend to sit longer and eat more. Make it a point to just focus on your meal even when you are eating alone.

Avoid snacking after dinner or in between meals.

Bingeing on potato chips, cookies or chocolates after finishing up a meal will definitely increase calorie buildup in the body. The body will need some time to digest what you have eaten. Unnecessary snacks you have munched on will take time to be digested and turned to energy, thus it is stored in the body as fats or extra calories.

Avoid binge-eating by eating a healthy and filling meal with a good dose of protein and fiber. These substances fuel the body and make it feel fuller for longer. Eating beans for instance, which take longer to be digested will make you feel full and ward off hunger pangs.
If you cannot help but snack, make sure that you also choose healthy foods like almonds and nuts. You can also try berries or an apple. These are good and healthy snack foods that make you eat without the guilt.


Don’t starve yourself.

The biggest mistake dieters make is skipping a meal and starving themselves until their next meal where they allow themselves to eat more than what is healthy. Starving will only lead you to eat more. Eating more in a single meal will pressure the intestines to work harder. With a large amount of solids to digest, some foods are not totally digested and are expelled by the body as wastes. Calories that are more than what the body can use up as energy are stored as fats. The secret is not the elimination of food or skipping a meal; it all depends on moderation. Eat a healthy and balanced meal instead of totally skipping it to avoid urges to eat more.

Limit your salt intake and embrace spicy food more.

Sodium or salt is one of the biggest contributors to weight gain and bloating. Avoid consuming more than the healthy amount of salt by notoriously checking the labels of food for sodium content. You will also be better off with natural produce and fresh foods compared to packaged and processed food products. Limit your salt consumption and add more spice to your food instead. Black pepper and chilies are known to make you feel fuller and release feel-good hormones that set up a good mood. People who are in a bad mood or depressed tend to munch on more food which could also lead to packing more pounds.


Eat fruits and vegetables with high water content.

Eating fruits with high water and fiber content will make you feel fuller for a longer period of time which will curb your appetite on snacks and in between meal binges. Apples, bananas, watermelons and celery are just some of the examples of high water and fiber content fruits and vegetable that you should add to your diet.

Include a good dose of protein in every meal.

Getting a good dose of protein from each meal that you consume will definitely power up your day. Adding healthy protein sources to your meal like salmon, lean meat, skinless chicken breast, hard-boiled eggs, tuna, cheese and beans will make you fuller until your next meal as they usually take time to digest. They are also great when integrated with your physical exercise for healthy muscle development. Increased protein intake is also one of the most common tips of how to lose weight naturally.

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Cook your own food

have a diet plan and stock up healthy ingredients on the fridge. If you have the time, it is better that you prepare your own food. You will know what healthy ingredients to use and sure about the cleanliness of the preparation. It is best that you create a healthy recipe or a diet plan ahead of time. You don’t have to worry about food variety as there are a lot of healthy recipes that you can even find online.

It is also important that you stock up healthy food ingredients on your fridge. You can cut and clean them and pack them in zip lock containers or plastic covered bowls. It would be easier to whip up a healthy meal with ingredients you can just grab from the fridge. Sometimes you get discouraged to cook because of the long preparation time. With already cut and peeled ingredients on your refrigerator, making yourself a meal is possible within a couple of minutes. You can even toss them in the microwave and never have to worry about snacking unhealthy foods. I hope this article “how to lose weight naturally by adding best foods for weight loss in you diet” is helpful so spread you love

How to lose weight naturally with best foods for weight loss
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