The depression is an emotional state that can affect the sufferer, both physically and psychologically, depending on its severity. Getting out of depression is easy if someone helps you and give expert tips to teach you how to come out of depression and stress. You just follow this article and read carefully.

Some people experience momentary depression because of a couple problem, the loss of a loved one, economic problems, stress or concerns, among other factors.

This type of depressions is usually quite easy to treat and appears in the form of crises from time to time. However, other people suffer from chronic depression, which can seriously affect their health and affect their quality of life. In this case, the depressions must be treated by a specialist, at the risk of triggering much larger problems than simple one-off crises.

Nowadays, depression seems to be a global epidemic, provoked by the hectic and modern lifestyle we adopt.

A study published this week in the journal BMC Medicine, depression affects more high-income countries than others.

Researchers from around the world, including Adolf Charles team, a researcher at the Chagi hospital (INSERM, CNRS), have studied a correlated study of income levels and rates of depression, which affects today 121 million people around the world.

According to a recent international study, depression is affecting more and more people around the world, particularly in rich countries. The United States and Canada come first.

Yet stress is the number one barrier to a happy life. It’s not money, it’s our state of mind. And when you are depressed, even if you have everything you want in life, there is nothing to change that. You have to change from the inside.

Fortunately, there are many tips and tricks that can naturally fight against stress, without the need to take Xanax or drug treatments that can generate dependence.

The best way to fight depression is to not fall into depression, and for that, we must prevent. This is perfect for preventing without touching a medication.

Depression or even depression are more and more present among us. And in this article, “How to come out of depression and stress” I will give you some effective tips to get rid of it, or at least mitigate it strongly.

According to the saying: money does not make happiness. It would even seem to be the opposite.

how to come out of depression


The most common symptoms of depression and stress:

  1. Permanent fatigue and lack of energy,
  2. Intense sadness,
  3. Inability to experience pleasure,
  4. Emotional hypersensitivity,
  5. Feelings of abandonment,
  6. Uselessness, and loneliness,
  7. Sleep degradation,
  8. Intellectual slowdown,
  9. Decreased attention,
  10. Concentration, and memory,
  11. Self-deprecation, and guilt,
  12. Negative thoughts,
  13. Thoughts around death,
  14. Suicidal thoughts,

How to come out of depression and stress naturally

1. Play sports to cure your depression

Playing sports helps to treat stress. I cannot say it enough but sport is essential for a good mental balance, and especially for a healthy lifestyle. You must do at least 5 hours of sport per week if it is not more.

When I say sport, it’s not necessarily going to the theater. It can be: walk to an appointment, plan a pool session with a friend, take the stairs, ride a bike with the family.

When we talk about sports, we often think of the suffering of running without a real goal, and of suffering. Change your vision! Play a game with family or friends such as football, volleyball or tennis. What better way to move!

Second thing, if for you the running or the gym is too hard, because there is no “goal” behind all that, and sign up for a race or a trail: this gives you a goal to play sports because you will have to prepare, and follow a training for this event (in addition, it gives you a goal to achieve, another important key to overcome depression).

According to a clinical study conducted in the United States for 4 years on 126 depressive patients, sports allowed 30% of them to suppress depression, and 20% of even a significant improvement.

Physical activity has the effect of boosting 2 neurotransmitters: dopamine, and serotonin. Serotonin affects mood, sexual desire, appetite, sleep, regulation of body temperature and memory.

Dopamine affects movement, the ability to take pleasure, and the emotional response.

A lack of one of the two leads to depression. A lack of dopamine also causes Parkinson’s disease.

Physical activity can increase the level of serotonin and dopamine in the body, as demonstrated by the studies, so treat depression.

The action of the week: go out walking, register for a physical activity in your city, register for a race/event to motivate you, go out for walks with family or friends. Plan for at least 3h next week.

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2. Use chromato therapy to fight depression

This is the color therapy. Certain colors allow you to secrete more serotonin or other. In fact, they act on our neurotransmitters.

Green and blue would be the colors most likely to bring the calm and therefore fight anxiety, stress. But I think that in the case of a depression, orange will also be important to stimulate vitality.

According to one study, blue soothes and influences the ability to manage emotions. It is for this reason that we depress more easily with bad weather (gray sky) than a big blue sky.

But how to do it? Add more blue and green in your environment. At the office and at home.

Use blue or green light bulbs in the evening. For example, you can think of the Hue Philipps, these connected bulbs, which change color.

Also, wear more blue and green color on you, and if you find some, get glasses of this color. Orange oranges are easily found in the mountains, but it is more difficult to find blue or green ones. If you find any, let me know.

3. Open a gratitude journal

Gratitude is the feeling you feel when you warmly thank someone. This feeling is no longer really a habit in our developed countries, yet all studies tend to show that gratitude is a great way (free of charge) to succeed, to feel happier and to overcome depression.

Several studies have shown that gratitude improves well-being and improves mood.

Our brain is designed to detect everything that is negative. Keeping a journal of gratitude would allow you to dwell on the positive moments and reduce the impact of negative things.

It also increases the feeling of belonging to a group, an important feeling in the famous Maslow pyramid, and improves self-esteem. The goal is to rejoice over what we have rather than focus on what we do not have.

How is it actually done? Every night, you have to “beef up” your gratitude by keeping your journal. You will note moments or people for whom you feel gratitude.

It can start with your parents, your spouse, your friends, a meal, a smile. And I even push you to go further: make it a habit to share it with the person concerned by saying “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you bring me”.

Make it a habit to thank, even for the simplest things, and you will beef up your gratitude.

Find at least one moment, or one person each day.

4. Use mindfulness

Our way of life makes it more and more difficult to enjoy the moment. We are constantly in the future, in the anxieties of tomorrow, or in the past to rethink our failures.

It is said that whoever lives in the future is anxious, whoever lives in the past is depressed, and whoever lives in the present is happy.

Depression can also come from a very strong stress and persist. And for depression in general, it is very beneficial to live at the moment and meditate.

Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, a founder of the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts, did a study in which he found that patients who meditated regularly had lower levels of anxiety and felt less pain. negative emotions. Even 4 months later, they still had the side associated with positive emotions in the brain, more developed.

In practice, you do not have to do pure meditation. For example, if you walk, you really feel at the moment.

That is to say, to listen to all the sounds that you hear around. Or focus your attention on your feet, your hands, or on the sun shining on your face, or the morning breeze rushing into your jacket.

By doing this, you will cut all your thoughts, to focus on one aspect and feel. You can also focus on your breathing.

And that you can do by walking, at home on the couch, in short, from where you want.

There is also the “body scan” method where you have to scan every part of your body. You start with your feet and go back to your head. The goal: to feel each part of his body by focusing his attention on it.

Or the more classic meditation: you sit down, close your eyes (or not), and you’ll just focus your attention on your breathing. If a thought arises, it is enough to sweep it to pass it. So you refocus on yourself and your needs. And you are chasing depression.

Meditation also has many virtues: it can improve its immune system (and fight against cancer, I’m sure).

5. Eat omega-3

Omega-3s are polyunsaturated fatty acids found in fish for example. Various studies show that they could greatly help produce our famous magic neurotransmitters.

For now, nothing has been said, but animal tests have clearly shown that serotonin has increased by + 40%. It should be known that the brain is composed of 20% of polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as omega-3.

They play an important role in its functioning, and especially in the regulation of the mood. In our current diet, the lack of omega-3 is filled by omega-6 pro-inflammatory, and here are the detrimental consequences:

  • – The membranes are less fluid and therefore disturb the signal sent by serotonin including;
  • – The vesicles that contain the neurotransmitters of good humor are 30% fewer;
  • – A decrease of phosphatidylserine of 30%, which has an anti-depressive action
  • – And the use of glucose in the brain is decreased by 20% so it is less efficient …

They also have a benevolent action on the heart, so why not take a little more?

It is best to supplement with capsules but you can find plenty in these foods:

  • linseed oil, hemp, nuts, rapeseed, olive
  • Nuts, peanuts, pecans
  • Fish: herring, eel, mackerel, sardines, salmon, tuna, trout, sole, halibut …

6. Work on your esteem

Self-esteem to cure depression we saw it a little higher with gratitude, self-esteem is also super important to fight against depression.

Self-esteem is a fundamental piece of personality placed at the crossroads of the three essential components of the self: behavioral, cognitive and emotional.

It has behavioral aspects (it influences our abilities to act and feeds back our successes) and cognitive (it depends very much on the way we look at ourselves, but it also modulates it upwards or downwards).

Finally, self-esteem remains to a large extent a strongly effective dimension of our person: it depends on our basic mood, which it strongly influences in return.

The roles of self-esteem can also be understood according to this same reading grid: a good self-esteem facilitates a commitment to action, is associated with a more reliable and precise self-evaluation, and allows stability greater emotional.

It also allows for greater satisfaction, and therefore to go through positive emotions, rather than negative, more often. This can help in getting out of depression.

But he/she does much more than that. Because it also helps to build a strong self-confidence and live better moments.

7. Improve your self-esteem in practice

Check back on all your successes and write them down. Keep a log of your success and learn to find value in yourself. The more you believe that you have no value, the more difficult it will be to turn the tide, so it is important to counter this belief.

You have as much value as any other individual, and just look in your memory which shows that you have some: you have probably already helped someone, brought joy, achieved success, made beautiful things in your life …

You absolutely must remember it. Unfortunately, your brain retains chess more easily and the negative than the positive, it is done like that. It is necessary to practice this often to counterbalance this effect.

8. Get involved in an activity

Getting involved in something will occupy your mind and focus on advancing in this activity.

Rather than moping and rehashing negative thoughts, we will “fill” with an activity.

And just seeing that one move that one goes to action, and that one is an actor of one’s life allows you to create a feeling of well-being and teaches how to come out of depression and stress.

But it also makes it possible to take time for oneself, and not to forget oneself. So find an activity in which you dive, here are some ideas:

  • To learn a new language,
  • Put yourself in badminton or swimming
  • Garden
  • Cook healthy dishes
  • Go horse riding
  • Organize holidays
  • Organize an event

All the time you spend doing this activity, it’s time to think about you and to reconnect with you. It’s time not to brood over your negative thoughts, which is very important and will help you fight depression.

9. To exercise

Regular exercise can be one of the best natural remedies to fight and prevent stress.

There are different ways to exercise for getting out of depression ( yoga, aerobics, bodybuilding, jogging, swimming, etc.), and each of them can bring you many benefits.

You do not need to do hard exercises in the first session. Just try to start slowly, increasing as time goes by.

The idea is to arrive at half an hour of daily exercises, even a little more. If you want to multiply the effects of this practice to fight depression, try doing your exercises in the open air.

10. Change your diet

bad food combination
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Diet plays a very important role in fighting and preventing depression.

If you are in a bad situation, increase your intake of vitamin B and calcium, and eliminate foods rich in refined carbohydrates and sugar.

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11. Take herbal supplements

Many plants contain relaxing and tranquilizing properties, which can help fight depression.

Among the recommended plants, you can eat St. John’s wort, which is one of the most effective for combating this type of ailment.

Other herbs can help relieve depression and anxiety, such as:

  • Passionflower
  • Lemon balm
  • Lavender
  • The lemon
  • Valerian
  • The complete oats
  • Nettle

12. Go out to get some fresh air

pictures of pakistan, beautiful, pakistan, pictures,
neelum valley

Being in touch with nature when you are depressed can be an excellent therapy for getting out of depression.

The idea is to go out walking in natural areas, for at least 30 minutes.

You can go out with your dog, walk in a natural park, go near a river or ride a bike, among many other activities in the open air.

13. Getting out of depression by Sleeping well

To have a restful sleep of at least 7 consecutive hours is one of the other keys to overcoming a depressive state.

A good rest improves the state of mind and helps to think serenely while decreasing the classic symptoms of depression.

How to come out of stress with some activities

14. Do activities you like

You can not spend your life working and doing chores. It is very important to spend time with yourself, to do activities that make you happy.

Take a trip, go shopping, spend time with family, go out with friends, go to an amusement park, etc. All of these activities work as an excellent therapy against depression and stress.

15. Do manual activities

Having your hands constantly busy is an excellent therapy to fight against depression. The idea is to use your hands and your creativity to do an activity that uses your main qualities.

You can cook for your family, knit, write, take pictures or paint, for example.

16. Put your feelings in writing

If you do not prefer to share your anxieties with others and find it difficult to express how you feel, the ideal is to fight anxiety through writing or drawing.

Materializing your feelings and thoughts on paper can be a way to get rid of them and reflect on your life. Write some points on how to come out of depression naturally as it is your main goal.

17. Call a friend

If you are lucky enough to have a good friend at all stages of your life, try calling if you feel depressed.

It is not always easy to admit and express that you are depressed, but a friend’s advice and support can help you overcome this ordeal.

How to come out of depression and negative thoughts

18. Surround yourself with positive people

Think in your case to people that their meeting makes you happy and causes your happiness and also those with whom you still love to communicate (they are there necessarily, it is necessary just to take the time to choose them, and to be with the even front) to help you better, write their names on a paper and follow your list

19. Remember that you can solve your problems by yourself

change your life from negative to positive thinking

Believe in yourself that you are the only person who can understand what is happening and find the right solution to the problem. Of course, you can talk to someone you trust, but you should not blame her if she could not help you find the result you want, because only you control your psychological state.

20. look for a goal in life for getting out of depression

Of course, because it is beneficial for your life first, and what if you do not do what it takes to get rid of depression? What if one day one of your friends want to play sports with you? What are you going to sell him? Are you going to tell him, No sorry, I can not because I’m suffering from depression?

You should note that you need to think about why the surpassing of this case is so essential to the benefits that can be gained through them, never refuse the practice of the sport especially in a group, like doing jogging in the morning.

It must be said that ” As I know that sport is beneficial for my health, as I know it can make me happier by improving my physical and mental state, then I have to practice sport even if I do not want,”

21. Always imagine that you are happy

mental illness

There are no people who like to live an artificial situation that’s why we find it difficult to synthesize the joy. But in the case of depression, you have to turn your back on this rule and you act as if you are living a happy life, because this can really become, over time, a real case. Our teens face problems today so they should follow this rule.

22. Do not hesitate to give help to those who need it. Try this method!

Without waiting to get something back, look for a service to provide this person, but if you can do it without him discovering your identity. So you will become a kind of hero in the eyes of the people you have helped, and above all feel the sense of nobility, a good feeling generated inside you when you help others

23. Reconcile yourself with your body, How?

Through sport, health, good nutrition and massage. We know that it can be difficult to do physical exertion sometimes, but remember that feeling of satisfaction, in this case, is what helps you fill your lungs with fresh air and restore the psychological balance. Do you think you can not get rid of depression while sitting on your couch?

24. Come on! Go to the gym or spa

Depression makes you feel drowning in a state of inaction and physiological laziness, of that if you get rid of it means that you are moving on the right track.

Also, enjoy a healthy diet, eat essential fruits in the early morning and be sure to continue doing this and you will feel a good result after 7 days only.

25. Have a busy schedule but not too busy

If you are not doing something and just thinking about bad things, this can be a problem. Read this guide “How to stop thinking about something“. Here you must remember that you also have to give some time to yourself. Give it but be positive.


This is the end of this article, in which I tried to summarize techniques that work for getting out of depression. Now, there are certainly others. But you have to focus on some rather than trying to put everything in place at the same time.

Print this article, pick one, and get started. Some will be longer than others, and you can set them up in parallel.

I would certainly have other things to say, but I prefer to avoid giving you 100 leads. This article took me a lot of time to write, because I checked everything I said, and I also put the link to scientific studies when I found.

I invite you to share this article “how to come out of depression naturally” with as many people as possible because I am convinced that it can help many people, and it is my main objective through such articles.


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