How long does XANAX stay in your system, Blood, Urine (Alprazolam)


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  1. Nikol says:

    6 years ago, following a big shock, in full depression, a sorcerer’s apprentice put me under xanax (only 0.5) and I was a zombie !!

    I was more anxious than before, I was shaking, I was cold and I was missing !!

    I am not “for” this type of medication and I react quickly to a so-called alternative medicine that has no side effects …

    try to take abundant magnesium that will have the effect of you to find calm and sleep, which will soothe you and make you happy!
    there is also “stress bioptimum” which is good but is not refunded !!

    I’m just going to say a little thing that will probably not please you, but never mind, it’s like this: if your xanax delay, effexor exel, steelnox, lormetazepam and other horrors were not reimbursed, how would you? !

    if you had to PAY yourself to drug yourself, did you go on ?!

    think about it and it will probably help you to let go … because that’s what it is, the “let go” !!

  2. anie says:

    I am 29 years old and have been taking alprazolam under medical supervision, of course, for almost two and a half years. I went from a very high dose (4 to 5 mg / day) to 1 mg / day currently. I can not currently go below this dose because I have physical symptoms of lack (nausea, internal tremor, feeling of emptiness and violent anguish). My initial diagnosis was: several features of borderline personality disorder and dysmorphophobia. I took a group therapy for borderline that helped me a lot.For the medication,
    it was not easy because I can not stand any neuroleptic (violent panic attacks) and prozac and other antidepressants or regulators of mood make me look like a glass of water. Only the benzo acted positively on me, the xanax in the occurrence, last resort doctors because of the dependence it generates … But with the alprazolam, while continuing my therapy, I’m getting better and better. Around me, I hear only contradictions, some demonize the benzo, saying that “it is much worse than the joints and even that the coke, that the doctors exploit us like guinea pigs to advance in their science”, etc. Others, on the contrary, think that at a small dose, it suits me very well and that I am making immense progress in my behavior.
    -Do you think that I can stop one day, or will I continue to take all my life, or for many years anyway, as my doctor insinuates?
    -Is there any real health hazards to consume 1 mg xanax per day over a long period?

  3. kathy says:

    The real question is whether you really need it right now and how you would be without …
    Treatment is always a compromise, we do not take it for pleasure.
    I took Lexomil in high doses for several years, which certainly had huge drawbacks, but if I had not taken it, given the state of completely destructuring anxiety in which I was, I am I’m not sure I’ll be here to talk about it. And I was finally able to stop, but also because I had other means of treatment, including intense psychotherapeutic work …
    It is up to you, in agreement with your doctor, to see what is best for you at every step of your evolution. Nothing is fixed, and the treatment is only to help us move forward, it’s not an end in itself …
    Finally, do not listen too much to the bad sirens. Doctors who take us for guinea pigs, there may be, but I have never known (and I know a number
    ), I imagine that yours adapts your treatment to the best of what he thinks it’s valid for you right now.
    The worst way to take a treatment, and not enjoy it, is to feel guilty about taking it! Take it for what it is: a tool at your service, nothing more.

  4. LIli says:

    I cannot live without my xanax. I needed it when I woke up. I needed it because I could not get out of my house. sometimes I just took it because I felt a lack. my psychiatrist gave me at will. I took up to 6×0.50 at a time or 8×0.50 / day. it lasted 6 years.

    and overnight, everything is stopped. I no longer need. I did not understand what a miracle, but it’s like that. all the better, I will not complain 🙂

  5. Ela says:

    I’m also panic attacks with agoraphobia. But they are less violent than before I control them better. Before I took lexomil but I had anyway very violent panic attacks with so I stopped everything; My doctor prescribed me xanax is better said he but I never took it, I still have it in my bag to reassure me in case.
    I am very afraid to take medication, fear of addiction and side effects so I control my attacks with the will but sometimes it is not easy but little by little I get there because I know the symptoms and I’m not afraid anymore. If you want some advice I’m on the site daily (maybe because I still need to have testimonials for some reassurance

  6. freya says:

    I do not know if alprazolam is toxic, moreover, I can only imagine its metabolites (I am a chemist). My own benzo is given 200 mg / day for the withdrawal of morphine and heroin. It was given 10 mg / hour or 240 mg / day at the first one saved tetanus which certainly was in an artificial coma. I have taken 300 mg / day three days in a row. I think that my addiction episodes are too short (15 days to 1 month) for physical dependence to develop. I have no effect on memory. My psychiatrist does not reject the idea that these episodes cover violent manic episodes.

  7. Anon says:

    Hello ;

    1) I have been in depression for 3 years and I take Effexor exel 150 (in the morning) as well as Xanax delay 1Mg (in the evening). The problem is that at each waking I have a “ball” in the stomach, a fear, anguish (call it what you want) and then I have to take xanax 0.75mg drop to calm that feeling. 🙁
    Does anyone live the same thing?
    2) My psychiatrist advised me to stop Xanax late in the evening because apparently it does not make me any more effective and prescribed me the Victan 2Mg (You know?), But I just stopped my xanax for a day that I already have vertigo, so my question is: is there a (severe) dependence on xanax and how long I would be weaned : ??:
    3) I also take sleeping pills, either Stilnoct 10Mg or Lormetazepam 2Mg, because I sleep very badly.

    So, if you can help me, advise me or tell me more about these drugs, it would be great 🙂

    Thank you all.

  8. pal J says:

    hello Anon, I will try to help you, because I also take effexor and xanax, and this, for 12 years, it’s true that I can not do without it because I’m too bad, but like that I’m fine, I do not want to be bad, in the evening I take effexor delay 75 mg, and xanax 1 mg, the morning I’m good and a good day in front of me, I hope I could help you a few, kisses sincerely, .

  9. alex says:

    i take xanax before going to exam to relax myself.

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