Recently I had an experience of a Government hospital in Lahore. There was a big line of patients and just a single doctor was not checking patients because he was busy on his cell phone. It was a hot day and our muhtram doctor was chatting in air condition room. After 20 minutes he finally decided to check roughly.

health care system in pakistan

Private Clinic

IF you go to Government hospitals you will find that doctors are not interesting and serious to check you there. He will suggest you meet him in his private clinic where he can treat you good like picture below

What I am trying to say is we need a change in our health care system in Pakistan, more doctors and a strict system of our Government hospitals. All these things are your and built from your money because we are paying GST that is 17 percent and you are paying to those doctors so we have full right to everything

Health care system in Pakistan & issues

  • Lack of facilities
  • Good doctors are available but they don’t check properly
  • Poor guides
  • Bad attitude towards patients
  • Lack of patient beds
  • Dirty places and waiting area for people
  • They are careless

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Social issues in Pakistan

What we should do in this situation

If you find this kind of situation when no one hears your problems you better speak up on it. Moreover, you can go to MS office and talk about the issue you have facing about but if nothing works for you then make a video, tell your problem and share it on social media or send it to Holy Pakistan official facebook fan page so we will share it with the world.


You might notice that the wards are infested with cats, the floors, and corners of the rooms are split with sputum, and the operation theatres are in a very bad condition and are poorly-equipped. It surprises me that how health care system in Pakistan works & how operations are performed in such dirty environment. So responsible authorities should take notice of all these problems that we are facing and increase the budgets for those hospitals rather than pass bills to increase the salaries of the MPAs