In this article you will find tips for recognizing flat roof leaks in heavy rain, determining its cause and providing an appropriate solution. In some cases, a simple repair is not the best solution: it is sometimes more advantageous to renovate the roof completely.

Flat roof leaks in heavy rain: causes and solutions

Repairing a roof leak is not a complicated task. Often, the most difficult is to detect the leak. If you are dealing with a leak, the problem must be remedied as soon as possible. Indeed, water can cause a lot of damage to your roof.

flat roof leaks in heavy rain

What are the causes of roof leaks in heavy rain?

Leaks usually occur near drains, gutters, evacuation points and in corners. These weak points of the roof deserve special attention. The most common causes of roof leaks can be divided into 3 categories:

1. Roof covering

Sloped roof

The broken tiles, loose or cracked are a possible cause of a leak in a pitched roof. With this type of roof, locating a leak from the inside is not easy. Indeed, the leak can be at a completely different place from where the moisture is manifested. Roofing, insulation, and ceilings can hold water long before the consequences become visible.

Flat roof

Flat roofs may also be prone to leakage. If the rainwater does not flow properly, it stays on the roof. Flat roofing must endure weather, temperature changes, frost, and foam formation. All this can cause damage and therefore flat roof leaks in heavy rain.

Roof leak

2. Solin

Flashing, which seals the roof around chimneys or windows, can also be a source of water infiltration if it is damaged.

3. Gutter

A gutter obstructed by tree leaves or other waste can cause a lot of problems. In combination with rain, this obstruction can cause flat roof leaks in heavy rain. This can easily be avoided by regularly cleaning the gutter. It is especially in autumn that it is important to remove leaves and dirt to avoid problems.

Solutions and prices


Roof repairs do not take a lot of time and usually do not cost too much. In the case of broken or poorly fitted tiles, it is usually sufficient to replace them. The same goes for a flashing problem. For flat roofs, the leak is often repaired by applying a liquid sealant.

On average, the hourly rate of a roofer is 25 to 35 $ /hour, excluding equipment and VAT. Click here to request free, no-obligation quotes from roofers in your area.

Renovation of the roof

At first, a roof leak can be remedied by repairing the problem area of ​​the roof. However, one has to wonder if it is not better to do a complete renovation of the roof. In general, a roof leak is followed by other leaks: this is often a sign that the roof is in poor condition. When you have a leak repaired, it is recommended that you ask the roofer to inspect the condition of your roof.

Obviously, renovation involves more important work than a simple repair. This includes replacing the cover. Here are some indications that the roof needs to be replaced:

  • The cover is fading;
  • It becomes porous;
  • Elements of the cover stand out.

If you notice these signs, it is absolutely necessary to renovate your roof. Fortunately, you can apply for roof renovation bonuses to lower the cost of the work.

Renovation of an inclined roof

If the structure of your sloped roof is in good condition but need to replace the cover, overlaid roofs can be an interesting solution. This renovation technique consists of placing steel panels over the existing roof. The latter remains in place. Today, tile-like steel sheets, called tile boards, are easily found, which are ideal for this type of renovation. With an average cost of 60 $ /m², an overlay is a quick and inexpensive method to remake your roof and make it waterproof.

Renovation of a flat roof

If the underlying structure of the flat roof is in good condition, just lay a new cover. In this case, you have a choice between several materials:

  1. Bitumen (or roofing): 30 to 75 $ / m²
  2. EPDM: 30 to 80 $ / m²
  3. PVC: 45 to 80 $ / m²
  4. Green roof: 45 to 200 $ / m²

How to recognize a roof leak?

The first indication of a roof leak is the appearance of damp spots on your ceilings or walls. The problem is that it means the leak has already done damage to your roof when you notice the humidity. In addition, people who use their eaves as storage space may notice these damp spots even later.

The wallpaper that comes off is another sign of moisture due to water infiltration. Finally, if you notice mold, it is because the leak has been present for some time.

Consequences of a roof leak

Water and moisture can cause a lot of damage and flat roof leaks in heavy rain. Roof leaks that are difficult to spot can damage the structure of your roof. When the humidity exceeds 25%, the wood starts to rot. The beams become porous and spots appear on them. In the most extreme cases, the entire frame must be replaced.

In addition, moisture and mold also have a negative impact on health and an unpleasant smell in the home.

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