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Category: Life

Pakistani parents

Things to do and life style of desi Pakistani parents

Pakistani parents  are the best. Yet, there are sure things they do which don’t get away from your notice. From the significance behind each look worth a thousand words they offer you to the...

pakistani people

Why Pakistani People are Called Pakis

Every other person who knows Pakistan knows that why Pakistani people are called Pakis. There are a few reasons why Pakistanis are known as Pakis. We can divide these reasons into two main categories. Let...

pakistani people

12 Things You Should not Say To Pakistani people

Did you recently meet a person from Pakistan? Do you want to be friends with him forever? Well! that is not something difficult. People of Pakistan are totally cool with being friends. They are...

ayeza khan, lollywood

Why People Loves Lollywood. Pakistan Film Industry

Lollywood There came a time in the past when all Lollywood had to offer to its fans was meaningless and bizarre movies that had no entertainment within it. These past time movies made Lollywood...


Revival of Pakistani film industry lollywood

The filmy November of the arising Pakistan film industry Lollywood had just through a bash of four block busters which rock the cinema and take Pakistani film industry to the moon. While Bollywood may...

ayeza khan

Top 20 Highest Paid Pakistani Drama Female Actresses

New rich and beautiful Pakistani drama actress name list with pictures and hot salary per episode: Pakistan is very rich in natural beauty as well as talented people. The beauty of Pakistani people is...