Nails explains our beauty, hygiene and tells to other how much we care our self. of course, you don’t want your nails to look ugly and ill that leaves bad impressions to people and that is why you were searching for best toenail fungus treatment right? We have some toenail fungus medication to help you so let’s start with what causes toenail fungus and what you can do to get rid of it naturally.

What causes toenail fungus

A fungus is a single celled organism that is invisible to the naked eye that grows in a wide range of habitat and performs an essential role in ecosystems primarily as decomposers of matter and important in nutrient cycling. Yeast, molds, and mushrooms are examples of fungi.

Toenail fungus with a medical term of onychomycosis affects the fingernails and toenails of a lot of people. It is a commonly misunderstood disease. This condition is usually left untreated causing unsightly disfigurement of their nails.

One cause is a specific type of fungi called dermatophytes. The dermatophytes are composed of three genera of fungi which cause nail fungus by invading the surface of fingernails and toenails, at which point they start to grow and reproduce under the nails. These little creatures are usually found in colder areas of the world.

Dermatophytes and yeasts can also cause by eating away at keratin, the main protein that makes up our fingernails, toenails, hair, and skin. As a response, the nails try to produce keratin at a faster rate, causing it to thicken and eventually detach from the nail-bed. Other effects include nail discoloration, due to the accumulation of organic products that are caused by fungi metabolism, inflammation of the skin around the infected nails, pain, and a foul odor.

These effects are certainly not pleasant. They can cause a great deal of difficulty in walking, playing, and doing typical day-to-day activities. Having deformed nails and smelly feet are not things to be proud of, and therefore people who have nail-fungi often suffer from a great deal of embarrassment, as well as anxiety about the risk of spreading the infection to others.

Our nails are a good and effective barrier against bacteria and other foreign organisms. However, the moment this barrier gets broken, dermatophytes and yeasts can enter without any problem and start invading healthy tissue.

Here are some of the most common conditions.

  1. Prolonged exposure to dampness or wet environments. Environments which are damp are ideal places for the fungus to grow. People who work in damp areas, who wear shoes that are too tight or do not provide enough ventilation, or who tend to sweat a lot are at a greater risk of having nail fungus.
  2. People who have nail beds that are exposed due to disease or injury. Our nails provide a natural barrier against infection. Once this barrier gets broken, bacteria and fungi like dermatophytes can get in and cause of it
  3. People who go to nail salons are also at a greater risk of getting nail fungus, especially if the salon is not very keen on safety and hygiene.
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A fungus is a single celled organism that is invisible to the naked eye that grows in a wide range of habitat and performs an essential role in ecosystems primarily as decomposers of matter and important in nutrient cycling. Yeast, molds, and mushrooms are examples of fungi.

Toenail fungus with a medical term of onychomycosis affects the fingernails and toenails of a lot of people. It is a commonly misunderstood disease. This condition is usually left untreated causing unsightly disfigurement of their nails.

Some people are more susceptible and would have varying degrees of symptomatology. In more severe cases, affected nails could have a yellowish or brownish discoloration. The nails may thicken and become brittle over time.

The fungus has a predilection to grow in warm, moist places including public areas like spas, swimming pools, and shower rooms. A person who walks without any protective covering for their feet has an increased likelihood of picking up the spores. It is important for people to be aware of how this condition is transmitted to avoid nascent infections.

Personal hygiene including wearing of cotton socks, washing your feet after going to public places, using your own towel, keeping your feet dry, wearing open toed sandals and shoes that are breathable, and not using other peoples nail polish are deterrents for this disease to thrive. Prevention is the key.

Toenail fungus medication best remedies

These are just a few recommended home remedies for this chronic condition. To have it is really a nagging problem, however, being aware of how the infection establishes itself on your toenails, makes one realize that the condition is not incurable.

Personal hygiene, good foot care, prevention to exposure in high risk areas and keeping your feet free from the confines of a closed shoe all day long could lessen the incidence of this malady.


Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) creams applied to your feet before going to bed can flush out the rough scaly skin of the affected toe. Soaking your feet in equal proportions of warm water and apple cider vinegar has also proven effective in controlling the further progression of the disease. Likewise, Listerine mouthwash, a powerful antiseptic may leave your toenails looking healthy.


Apple Cider Vinegar

One of the most natural cures for toe-nail fungus is vinegar. Apple Cider Vinegar works best. You could still use white vinegar if you don’t have any Apple Cider Vinegar available. All you need to do is spray the vinegar on the affected nail at least twice a day every single day until the old nail has completely grown out. Make sure the nails are soaked well before cleaning it up. Vinegar has been proven to kill the fungus. Make sure not to miss a day because if you do, the fungus will come back and spread to the newly grown nail. To make it even more effective, soak the affected nails in a basin of vinegar for 20 minutes at least once a week. This treatment may take anywhere from three to seven months, depending on how fast your nails grow. The key to using vinegar as a natural cure for toe nail fungus is diligence. You really need to do it twice a day without missing a single day.

Tea tree oil

Another natural cure for toenail fungus that some people swear by is Tea Tree Oil. Just put a small amount on a Q-tip and swab it under the edge of the affected nail once a day. Be aware though that Tea Tree Oil is really strong and will cause peeling of the topmost layer of your skin after several weeks of use so make sure to use just a small amount. After three months of faithful application, you will already see noticeable results. Tea tree oil has been noted to be a potent antiseptic and fungicide. This preparation when rubbed thoroughly in the affected toe has resulted in a fair treatment outcome. Tea tree oil in combination with lavender oil will help fight the infection and prevent skin irritation.

Mouthwash and white vinegar

There is also another unusual remedy discovered by some people to be a natural cure for toenail fungus – a mixture of mouthwash and white vinegar. Just make a solution of 50% mouthwash and 50% white vinegar and apply on the affected nail with a Q-tip at least four to six times a day. As with the vinegar remedy, make sure not to miss a single day since this will allow the fungus to return.

Virgin Coconut Oil

Just apply it around and underneath the affected nail every day, preferably in the evening after taking a shower. Some claim that orally taking 3 teaspoons of Virgin Coconut Oil daily also helps in speeding up the healing process.

Crushed raw potatoes

Apply the potatoes every night, and then apply peroxide in the morning. The potatoes pull out the infection so that the fungus should clear up and the nail should heal within two weeks of application.


Garlic is also a very popular all natural nail fungus remedy. Garlic has antifungal properties and thus fights the fungi very effectively. Just chop the garlic and grind it into a paste so that you can apply it once or twice a day. Before doing so, it is advisable to trim back all dead nail.

Cinnamon oil

Let us now go from the vegetables to the infamous oils by looking at our first all natural nail fungus remedy, which is cinnamon oil. Cinnamon oil is not so common in the milieu of cooking, but rather popular for aroma therapies. Apply several drops on your nail in the morning and in the evening, and watch your nail growing out healthy as it used to be.

Lemongrass oil

The most effective of the oil all natural nail fungus remedy is the lemongrass oil. The lemongrass oil turns the fungus black within 24 hours and the healthy nail grows out. Apply it once and see the almost instant effect.

Best toenail fungus treatment with Oregano Oil:

Nail fungus is an infective condition that will not completely resolve by itself. The nail infection is caused by the fungus which thrives in the nails and strips off its nutrients. Because the feet are more prone to be exposed to moist as when wearing shoes and socks, nail fungus infection commonly affects the toenails. This can be a painful condition especially when the condition progress to infect other nails too.

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The modern medicines can be helpful in so many ways but are not completely safe as it also comes with side effects that most people want to escape from. Because of this concern, many attempts are made in discovering herbal and essential oil alternatives to pharmaceutical medicines of today as a cure for nail fungus.

One exceptional essential oil that has caught the attention of anti-fungal medicine buyers is the oregano oil. The oregano oil is known as an effective treatment for nail fungus. The versatile oregano oil has different properties of antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-parasitical and analgesic actions.

However, studies of oregano claim that the substance can be a potential strong irritant that can cause inflammation and swollen skins. However, this property of oregano oil can be diluted with olive oil in order to reduce its potent property. It is advised that when oregano oil is used for nail fungus, extreme care should be carried out when applying to avoid as much as possible to touch the skin.

Aside from the little contact to the skin as possible, the only small dosage of oregano oil must be used for it. Two drops of oregano oil with a teaspoon olive oil mixture is enough to meet the dosage requirement in the treatment. Application to the affected nail once daily will suffice but the application duration should not be more than three weeks. But of course, prior to the use of any home remedy, it is always wise to consult a health professional to be safe.

The application of oregano oil for nail fungus is usually topically or externally applied to the nails. But oftentimes, nail fungus hide beneath the nails which are sometimes hard to reach by the oil which requires the ingestion of oregano oil to effectively cure.

Oregano oil treatment requires a diligent daily schedule to follow. Application of oregano oil once daily to kill the nail fungus should be consistently done in daily routine. The spread of fungus is fast and easy therefore all preventive means possible should be carried to avoid the spread of fungus infection to other nails.

It is an effective remedy and once the treatment schedule is diligently followed at the right dose and with the proper application to the affected areas.

It contains lots of health advantages. While nail fungus treatments can trigger harm to liver function, scientific examinations reveal that oil of oregano is 100 times more powerful in combating Candida compared to conventional medications, without the dangerous side effects. If you experience nail fungus, follow the steps below concerning how to get rid of it.

Immerse the Feet in the Solution

Immerse your feet in a basin of tepid water. Dispense ½ cup of Epsom salt and ¼ cup borax and immerse your feet for about 30 minutes. Perform the soaking every day.

Apply Oregano Oil

Dry your feet and cut your toenails as far down as probable. Utilize oil exactly on the infected area and on every cuticle. Put on oil of oregano three times every day.

Dry the Feet

Always keep your feet dry. Put on sandals if at all possible. Utilize medicated foot powder if needed.

About Oregano Oil and Nail Fungus

Toenail fungus is also described as onychomycosis. It is believed as one of the most ordinary fungal contaminations afflicting the nails. The nails afflicted by this infectivity look cloudy and also become chunkier compared to other nails. In several instances, the nails may possibly begin crumbling and disconnected from the nail bed. One of the most typical remedies for toenail fungi is the oregano oil. The reason behind this is that although the natural treatments still necessitate being confirmed scientifically, there are plenty of individuals who have the same opinion regarding the helpfulness of the oregano oil.

Components of Oregano Oil

There are also plenty of further best toenail fungus treatment that can be as excellent as the oil of oregano. But, oregano is still believed to be extra advantageous compared to others. The oil includes carvacrol, which is considered as the ingredient that performs energetically in a good way against the fungi. The oil of oregano also contains certain antiseptic and antibacterial assets. Putting on the oil of oregano exactly on the toenail is suggested for excellent outcomes. On the other hand, there are not researches that recommend the quantity of oil that must be put on or the regularity of treatment that must be followed.

Oil of Oregano Treatment

There are several users that insinuate putting it two times daily until the infection has cleared. However, others recommend that it must be done only for only some weeks. The oil can be utilized together with additional oils such as tea tree oil and olive oil. There are also several sources that may recommend blending the oil together with further alternatives, thus others may recommend putting on the oils alternately.


There are also several warnings that the oil might not demonstrate to be excellent for the health of pregnant women and individuals experiencing iron deficiency. It is essential to be aware of that there are times when the oil of oregano can trigger a little degree of inflammation to the skin and thus must be utilized cautiously.

After choosing which of the natural cures for toenail fungus suits you best, make sure to stick to the regimen faithfully. In a few months time, you could start walking along the beach with pretty feet again.

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