Holy Pakistan went live in November 2016 and it’s all about positive things. Pakistan is being adversely advertised in our very own Pakistani media and the International media. We find our country a lot different than what our so called “great” media especially the Pakistani TV Channels portray.

What is our mission

Our mission is to promote Pakistan and build a strong nation. We provide information, awareness, Entertainment, knowledge and talk about issues, we want change in our societies as we are showing a real image of Holy Pakistan.

We believe in unity and we are being united as a whole can bring revolutionary change.

United we stand, divided we fall.

Holy Pakistan A new voice for a new Pakistan. Where are we going as a nation? Holy Pakistan was made for showing the positive impacts of Pakistan and to promote Islam. We’ll showcase the aspects of Islam in our lives.what our youth is doing? What the so called officials are doing. We want Change for the betterment of society & for the betterment of Pakistan. So come stand with us support us raise your voices

The Holy Team

Muhammad Zubair

Salaar Quzaib

Muhammad Qaisar

Adolf Charles